1001 Facts About BAAs

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1001 Facts About BAAs

Not everyone can afford healthy and balanced nutrition due to specific features of the food industry, point of residence, financial abilities and individual body features. At that, balanced nutrition implies a whole range of the substances which are required for human body to ensure proper functioning of the human body. One should be sure that the foods he consumes are healthy and do not contain harmful substances. BAAs or biologically active additives aim at preventing likelihood of deficiency of the vitamins, minerals and fibers as well as essential amino acids. They also make it up for insufficient nutrition.

Additives represent nature-identical substances, which are obtained through conducting chemical synthesis, or are concentrated extracts from products of herbal, animal or mineral origin. BAAs are initially introduced into food as an additional help for the human body, but they should be used with care and for certain purpose. Otherwise one may harm itself.

The Important Things to Know Before Using BAAs

Biologically Active Additives

Biologically Active Additives

Uncontrolled consumption of all the substances results in intoxication. For example, one can get water poisoning from drinking it way too much during short period of time. The same goes for BAAs. Healthy to take, they can cause harm if the following facts are ignored:

  • BAAs should be additionally incorporated to menu; they do not substitute real food.
  • Additives are not drugs, they do not aim at treating certain sickness. BAAs favorably affect human body, they can help to manage detoxification and improve functioning of some organs like intestines. Yet, they should be used as an additional measure and not alternative to medicines.
  • Food additives, colorants and shape-generating additives are not considered to be BAAs. They are designed to improve qualities and outlook of certain foods. They do not make up for deficiency of one or another substance in human body.
  • BAAs should be used in accordance with the doctor’s recommendations regarding use, dosage and duration of use. Packaging should contain information regarding the name of product, its manufacturer, date of manufacture, manufacturer’s address and storage conditions as well as full range of active and additional substances BAA contains. Legal BAAs should have state registration certificate number indicated in original packaging. This number can be checked in the register of registered BAAs. You should only buy BAAs when you make sure that its use won’t harm your health.
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BAAs Types and Its Benefits for Human Body

There are three types of BAAs based on their impact upon human body:

1. Nutraceuticals;

2. Parapharmaceuticals;

3. Eubiotics.

Nutraceuticals correct chemical content of consumed food to make it up for lack of certain substances the human body is in a need for. Nutraceuticals replenish the following substances:

  • Vitamins;
  • Poliunsaturated fatty acids;
  • Amino acids;
  • Mono- and disaccharides;
  • Mineral substances.

A range of substances the one gets when consuming certain foods is not accumulated in the human body. This is why it is necessary to replenish reserves of such the substances along with foods. This is when nutraceuticals come to help.

Parapharmaceuticals are used to ensure proper functioning of the human body and maintain certain physiological values. These BAAs are intended to provide internal organs and systems of the human body with the following substances:

  • Organic acids;
  • Coffeine;
  • Biogenic amines;
  • Regulatory oligopeptides;
  • Bioflavonoids.

One should consume parapharmaceuticals with care in order do not consume larger amounts of the active substance they contain than it is recommended.

Eubiotics have focused impact upon GI tract due to presence of alive microorganisms in their content. They have the following effect upon human body:

  • Prevention of multiplication of the pathogenic microorganisms;
  • Normalization of the gut microflora;
  • Normalization of GI tract functioning and prevention of the intestinal dysbacteriosis.

To Be, or Not to Be: Are BAAs Worth of Taking

Bioactive additives can ensure proper functioning of the human body and strengthen the immune system as well as replenish lack of vitamins and minerals, normalize balance of the nutritional substances and promote overall healing. However, it is always necessary to consult doctor regarding need and the ways to use them as well recommended dosage as all these aspects are strictly individual.

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