Best Workouts for the Obliques

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Best Workouts for the Obliques

Well-trained abs look attractive and provide good support for back during strength training. They also protect body during football play and martial arts training. So, is it really necessary to build up cool obliques in order to look super fit? Women want to have slim and well looking waistline, men wish to get rid of fat belly, turn fat into muscles and build them up. Women and men should train in a different way in order to get what they want.

Workout Routines

  • Warm your muscles up by jogging or jumping before you start to train in order to prevent likelihood of traumas.
  • Train in accordance with your physical shape. Increase an amount of sets gradually. Work your abs from sides by doing two sets including 6-8 exercises each.
  • Mind your sex. Increasing an amount of sets, you will build up muscle mass around your waistline. So, if you are man, you are good to go. But if you are woman, be aware of this side effect. Women should stretch their muscles in order to get neat body.
  • Do abdominal crunches until you can see the result. Usually, it takes up to 1-2 months of regular workouts (3 times per week) to get into great shape.
  • Stay away from a hula hoop as this kind of equipment is not so efficient when it comes to your abs. Hitting yourself with hula hoop, you can harm your private parts of body.
  • Do not turn your body to sides with weights on your shoulders if you don’t want to harm your intervertebral cartilage. This exercise requires proper stretch and careful execution.

Best Oblique Exercises for Women at Home



  • Warming up implies 5-10 minutes of running, aerobic workout and use of jumping rope.
  • Warm up your back and side muscles by doing side bends with hands free next to your body.
  • Turn upper part of your body to the right and left while keeping your bottom still.
  • Rotate your trunk and bottom in circles.
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Keep Your Flanks Fit and Your Waistline Neat

  • Crunch your body while sitting in mat. Bend your legs, feet to the floor and bend your hands in elbows. Lean backwards under 45 angle, stress your abs and crunch your tailbone forward. Rotate your elbows and body core from one side to another.
  • Crouch your body core with twist to the opposite side. Lay down on your back. Keep your hands behind your head without locking them, put your elbows on sides and bend your legs in knees, touch the floor with your feet and bottom. Head should be lifted up at the fist distance from your head. Lifting your core, try to bring your left elbow to your right knee. Smoothly get back to initial position. Crunch your body to one side, that is, left knee to left heel.
  • Crunch your body lying on your back. Put your hands to sides bringing your palms down to the floor. Shoulders should touch horizontal surface at this time. Legs should be lifted up and bent to form right angle in your knees. Knees should have distance as big as a fist in between them. Legs should be put down at the distance 2-3cm from the floor (hips should move easily; shoulders should be squeezed).
  • Plank exercise. Take the following position: stay parallel to the floor with heels touching it and hands angle-wise to the wrists. Keep your legs straight. Joints should be located evenly to ensure even distribution of the body weight. Neck, shoulders and head should be located in line. Bottom should be kept straight. Keep such a position during 30 seconds.
  • Boat pose.
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Stretching to Complete Workout

  • Sit on the floor with legs crossed. Make springy flexions to the sides, give your hands a good stretch bringing them up.
  • Sit on the fit ball with extended hands and legs. Stretch them to different sides.

Oblique Exercises for Men

  • Warm yourself up. You can do a cardio workout + warm up your obliques in a way the women do.
  • You can do the body crunches.
  • Make a plank exercise.
  • Is it necessary to work your obliques out in the chin-up bar? This is really exercise for men, which attracts attention in the athletic ground and gives an excellent result. Hang on the chin-up bar bringing up your legs straight or with knees bent putting them aside.
  • To work your abs out in every possible way and build up the muscle mass, you should do the workouts with weights. Repeat sets for left and right side with equal intensity, amount of sets and repeats.
  • Put your legs at shoulder’s length holding a dumbbell in your left hand (dumbbell’s weight should be chosen in accordance with your weight and physical shape). Keep your right hand on your waist. Bend yourself to the right keeping straight hand with dumbbell down.
  • Stand straight. Bend to the sides with a broom handle or light barbell on your shoulders.

Choosing exercises well to work out your obliques and doing this regularly, you will always look good and fit.

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