Bread Toasts: Health Benefits and Dangers

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Bread Toasts: Health Benefits and Dangers

Bread is one of the most popular products ever consumed by human being. People have learnt to collect grains and transform them to flour as well as bake some bread on the hot stones in stone age. There is only one step from bread making to toast appearance. A toast is just a bread which underwent additional thermal processing. In this case, the most important is a way of cooking it.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Dry Toasts

Bread Toasts

Dry toast is just a dehydrated bread. Crunchy and nicely looking pieces of bread can be made in oven or using toaster. They completely retain initial bread shape, but are much lighter. Such an approach helps to preserve a greater part of useful and harmful properties of initial raw material.

Many people think that toasts do not contain as much calories as bread. This assumption is wrong. People are prone to think so because bread becomes lighter once it dries up. However, decrease in weight happens due to removal of moisture and it does not affect toast’s energy value.

People also think that toasts can cause cancer. It is true that acrylamide – substance promoting cancer development forms on the surface of a dry bread. However, its amount is too small to cause cancer. To cause harm to health, person should eat as many toasts as he weights and he should do it many times per day.

The only bad thing in toasts is their parts which have burned to black. They contain carcinogens, therefore dark parts of toasts should be removed.

Toast lovers should make them from wholegrain bread with bran. Such a product is rich in fiber which positively affects digestive tract and removes toxic substances from human body. GI of toasts is favorable for diabetics so they can safely consume this product.

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Toasts, which are made from white bread, have the following disadvantages:

  • White bread loses vitamins and micro elements during thermal processing. The only thing that is left in it is a starch and easily digested substances which are rich in calories and promote weight gain.
  • Such toasts do not contain much fiber, which decreases cholesterol level and lowers a risk of getting intestinal cancer.
  • Such toasts have a high GI. Therefore, it results in increase of glucose content in blood and insulin is produced interfering with fat breaking process.

So, the question is whether to eat toasted bread or not. But this is all up to you. The most important thing is to choose the bread for toasts in a right way.

Should One Consume Buttery Bread Toasts?

Bread Toasts

An alternative way of making toasts is frying bread in a pan using some oil. This dish is called French toast.

Let us instantly tell you that this is not the healthiest food in the world. If bread is fried using vegetable oil, then you must remember that oil contains fatty Omega-acids. These substances acquire toxic properties during thermal processing. Fried bread absorbs quite an amount of oil due to features of its texture.

Frying temperature usually comprises 120-140 degrees. It means that almost any oil, which contains polyunsaturated fatty acids, transforms into dangerous substance. It especially concerns with a very popular sunflower oil as it contains up to 65% of polyunsaturated acids. Corn oil contains up to 54% of polyunsaturated acids.

The safest option is to use olive oil. People tend to think that this oil is not a good fit for frying. However, this is only a myth, and Italian cooks know it very well. It contains only 10% of polyunsaturated acids. Olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids which are more resistant to oxidation.

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The best option is to use ghee butter. This product is very popular in Asia, but Russians are starting to use it, as well. This butter can be made at home. Ghee helps to make healthy toasts as it does not produce any harmful substances even when heated up to 250 degrees.

It looks tempting to fry toasts in butter as it contains less polyunsaturated acids than olive oil and it is rich in Е, D and A vitamins as well as useful micro elements and phospholipids. However, toasts fried in butter, have also some disadvantages:

  • Butter contains cholesterol. Excessive consumption of such toasts harms blood vessels and heart as well as disturbs lipid exchange.
  • Butter has a comparably low «breathing temperature» — a threshold after which fats start to break forming harmful aldehydes, peroxides and ketones. These compounds can cause cancer and negatively affect excitatory system and digestive tract.
  • Healthy compounds and vitamins, which are found in butter, get destroyed during thermal processing.

Even taking all the reasoning provided above, you can sometimes spoil yourself with toasts fried in butter. You should just follow two rules:

  • Do not overheat a pan;
  • Fry bread for a short time and never reuse the butter you’ve fried your toasts in.

Such a preparation method will help to minimize possible dangers. Anyways, please do not go heavy on toasts fried in butter.

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