Caffeine in Sports Nutrition to Boost Stamina

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Caffeine in Sports Nutrition to Boost Stamina

Caffeine is a food additive, which has stimulating impact on excitatory system. This alkaloid is found in plants such as coffee beans, tea leaves, guarana and cola. These natural substances are used to manufacture energetic drinks which are nowadays very popular among youngsters. This supplement is also used in sports nutrition. Properties of this substances are still being explored. Scientists and sportsmen are not able to come to terms regarding possible benefits and interaction of this substance with other types of food supplements.

Caffeine Impact on Excitatory System



Scientists have proven that regular caffeine consumption boosts stamina, therefore it has been earlier used in field athletics. Impact of caffeine on weightlifters has been studies for last decades. Stamina and endurance during workouts are equally important. So, if one is able to make additional sets of exercises while lifting heavy weights, then it is worth of considering regular use of such as substance.

Nowadays, caffeine is obtained from plants or in an artificial way. Properties of this substance do not change depending on manufacturing method. How does this substance affect excitatory system? It grows into receptors of the glial cells of the brain, but it does not inhibit brain functioning slowing down work of excitatory system like adenosine. Caffeine acts as a stimulating substance.

Caffeine stimulates adrenaline production. This hormone boosts body endurance and general stamina. So, one doesn’t feel tired during intensive workouts. People, who are not sporty, are also affected by this substance when they consume it. Many people get energetic only after they had a cup of organic coffee. Only then they are ready to rule the world.

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Use of Caffeine During Workouts

Caffeine helps to burn fat as it stimulates adrenaline production. This substance is usually used in supplements which are usually consumed to lose weight and shred body. Caffeine is not only able to help in fat burning, but also promotes muscle mass gaining.

Caffeine should be consumed half an hour before workout. Then only sportsman will become energetic. It will help a sportsman to increase workout intensity. There are two options. It is possible to have a cup of coffee or tea before workout or take pill which contains caffeine in its pure form. Cup of tea contains around 100mg of this substance. To ensure efficient workout, 3mg of caffeine should be consumed per 1kg of body weight. So, an athlete whose weight is around 90kg should consume at least 3 cups of strong tea before workout. So why to overload kidneys with so much fluid if one pill will do the same trick?

Caffeine and Creatine

Scientists argue whether caffeine and creatine can be taken at the same time. These substances are antagonists on their nature. They decrease impact of each other. However, scientists have proven that total effect achieved after simultaneous use of these substances before workout is higher than after their consumption one by one or just using only one of them at a time. So, you can safely go ahead with sports supplements from reputable manufacturers which contain both these substances.

Caffeine Overdose: Symptoms and Side Effects

Sportsmen strictly follow recommendations concerned with caffeine use as it has a range of side effects that can take place in case of going heavy on this substance as follows:

  • Heart palpitations;
  • Dizziness;
  • Overexcitement;
  • Headaches;
  • High blood pressure;
  • Muscle cramps.
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Sportsmen take this supplements in amounts which depend on their weight. And they should not exceed recommended dose. Caffeine should not be consumed by sportsmen with heart, digestive and ES diseases.

One will stay healthy and fit eating right and buying high-quality sports supplements from reputable manufacturers.

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