Calculate Your BMI

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Calculate Your BMI

BMI is a measure of body fat, it is calculated using the formula developed by the Belgian mathematician and natural scientist Adolphe Quetelet in late 60s of 19th century. This measure helps to assess ratio between weight and height. BMI is measured in kg/m². To calculate BMI, body mass in kilograms is divided by the square of the body height. According to WHO, one has excessive weight if BMI exceeds 25 units. BMI above 40 indicates presence of the third-degree obesity. BMI less than 16 indicates severe body mass deficiency. Normal BMI should comprise from 18,8 up to 27. Diet websites for people living healthily and sportsmen provide the calculators which help to calculate online BMI for adult men.

Let us show you some way to calculate BMI: 65kg: (1,7m * 1,7m) = 22,5 kg/m2

To ensure precise BMI calculation, it is necessary to consider body type, way of life and age. This index helps people to find out whether or not they have extra kilos when they wish to maintain correct weight and take care of their health.

The Ways to Measure Height and Weight



Measure your height in the morning. Back of your head, shoulder blades and buttocks should touch the vertical surface. Tip of the nose and earlobe should be at the same level. Body height decreases in the evening by 1 to 2cm due to lowering down the muscle tone, flattening the cartilage between the lumbar vertebrate and foot arch under body mass pressure or due to fatigue.


  • Use precise pair of scales with operational margin of about 100g. If the measured value stays the same upon several weighs-in, then this pair of scales is just what you need.
  • Do weigh-in every morning on an empty stomach once you’ve visited the loo.
  • Remember that water retention in tissues due to prior consumption of the salty foods or alcohol or doing of intensive workouts affects the final result.
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Using the Calculation Method

  • Method was developed by the clinicians in accordance with medical standards.
  • It is used to detect metabolic disorders.
  • BMI is used as a qualitative indicator to classify the obesity degree.
  • Nutritionists create the techniques based on BMI which help to lessen the body fat.
  • It is a quick way to get to know at home whether one needs to lose or gain weight. BMI calculator will help the adult men to calculate BMI. It can be found on special websites.

BMI and Body Type

  • People with low body fat and muscle mass have asthenic body type. They inherit such a subtle body type from their relatives. They eat and drink what they want and do not gain any weight. They look slim and fit.
  • Men with normal body type have well-muscled body. They have wide shoulders and slim thighs. They gain weight by living a sedentary life.
  • People with «wide» bones have slow metabolism. This is why they easily gain weight. They also easily gain muscles when working out. With age they become obese despite of doing some sports and eating well. They may look chubby even though they might have normal BMI.

Age and Sport

Body mass of the person under age of 18 is not calculated using Quetelet’s formula. Child’s body type undergoes continuous changes, weight and height add up abruptly. This calculation method is not a good choice for the bodybuilders as well as they build up their muscle mass in purpose and their BMI will mistakenly indicate obesity. Men get bigger BMI with age. Once men are in their fifties, they reach their plateau.

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BMI and Health Risks

American scientists from the Minnesota State University conducted research which has shown that people with high BMI are more prone to onset of the heart and blood vessels-related diseases.

National University of Health Sciences in USA states that people with maximum and minimum BMI values are under great risk of fatal outcome. Results obtained in the control group of test participants did not depend on their race, age and sex.

BMI calculation is very important in presence of diabetes, osteoporosis, metabolic disorders and infertility, atherosclerosis and other disorders.

Disadvantages of the Calculation Method

  • BMI standards are developed based on recommendations given by the doctors from WHO and not taking into account average statistics. Body type, nationality and way of life are not taken into account during calculation.
  • People with acceptable body weight become less confident and depressed if they find out that their BMI is high.

BMI in males is very important when individual features are taken into account. One should think about how s/he feels and listen to the body before trying to gain or lose weight. It is wise to use another methods to detect obesity or weight deficit for reference.

Calculate your own Body Mass Index

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