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Useful properties of porridge

Porridge is introduced into the diet from the first months of life and is recommended for use at any age. Cereal dishes contain a lot of valuable substances, being the main suppliers of fiber, complex carbohydrates, vegetable protein, vitamins and minerals. The beneficial properties of porridge depend largely on the type of cereal, the degree of industrial processing… Читать дальше »

Benefit and harm of tanning

Sunburn is the darkening of the skin by increasing the production of melanin pigment under the influence of natural or artificial ultraviolet rays. Melanin itself is synthesized exclusively in the human body and cannot be replenished with food or any additives. In various forms it is contained not only in the skin, but also in other organs. Melanin,… Читать дальше »

Should You Change Your Workout Routine?

Should I change workout routine? If yes, then when and how often? These two questions are the most popular among professional athletes. Everyone has a different point of view regarding this matter. Majority of sportsmen assumes that changes in workout routine are required due to human nature. Human body has an adaptive structure, which gets easily used to… Читать дальше »

Is Chess a Sport or Art?

Movement across chessboard using the chess pieces is a subject to strict rules, it develops thinking and intelligence, endurance and respect for the opponent. Happy is the one who knows how to play the game of chess: it all implies analytical work and corresponding mental attitude towards internal state of the opponent, painful search for the way out… Читать дальше »

Natural Remedies for Increasing Male Potency

Natural Remedies for Increasing Male Potency Nutrition is a critical factor which ensures healthy sexual life. Male potency can be affected by substances obtained during eating in positive and negative ways. It is important to stick with nutrition, which includes healthy foods which boost male potency. Male potency («potentia» is translated from Latin as an opportunity) is a… Читать дальше »

Meditation: Best Techniques, Benefits and Dangers

Meditation: Best Techniques, Benefits and Dangers Smart people want to change their lives for the better. They are looking for recreative practices and psychological tools to achieve inner harmony. To become smart and get balance of mind, seekers are turning to religion and meditation technique as a part of the world religions. Such a method is liked by… Читать дальше »

Everything You Need to Know About Shawarma

Everything You Need to Know About Shawarma Shawarma is a very popular form of street food which is widely sold in Russian and Europe. This is an Eastern type of food, which is also called as a doner kebab. This food is made from meat, which is cooked in the vertical rotisserie and complemented with vegetables. It is… Читать дальше »

Quark: Health Benefits and Nutrition Facts

Quark: Health Benefits and Nutrition Facts Quark is a fermented milk product with a high energy value. It is a part of dietary nutrition and should be consumed by children, pregnant women and professional sportsmen. What are health benefits of quark and how to choose the right kind in store? Energy Value Quark contains calcium, which ensures healthy… Читать дальше »