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Health Benefits of Golf

Health Benefits of Golf Today we will talk about health benefits of the golf game. This sport has no contraindications, it is suitable for people of any age and weight category. There are no gender differences and this game does not require any physical preparation to start play in. In addition, it is not necessary to gather a… Читать дальше »

Placebo: Healing Power of Simulated Treatment

Placebo: Healing Power of Simulated Treatment Finding out what is a placebo about, it is necessary to address the Latin. This term originates from “dead” Latin language like many other medical terms do. “Placere” is the word that means “to like or value something”. It implies the fact that the drug itself actually does not have any medicinal… Читать дальше »

Is Red Wine Good or Bad for You?

Is Red Wine Good or Bad for You? Red wine is one of the oldest drinks in the world. It has been already used at a time when mankind has learned to write. Wine has been mentioned in the myths created by many nations, and even Greeks have had a special God of “wine” – Dionysus in the… Читать дальше »

Water: Requirements and Recommended Intake

Water: Requirements and Recommended Intake Human body is a chemical solution or medium where different chemical reactions are going on. Water provides cells with nutritional substances. It also removes toxic substances and other waster, which enters our body with polluted air, food or alcohol. Homo sapiens consists of 2/3 of water. Human body filters up to 2 to… Читать дальше »

Carrots: Chemical Composition and Health Benefits

Carrots: Chemical Composition and Health Benefits Carrot plays important role in our nutrition. It nicely complements porridge, fruits and vegetables. This is why it is so widely used in cooking. It is used in raw and processed form and added to soups and salads. Carrot is also used to make nice desserts such as baked puddings, cakes, pies… Читать дальше »

Health Benefits of Russian Banya and Sauna

Health Benefits of Russian Banya and Sauna Health benefits of banya and sauna were well known very long time ago. Apart from keeping themselves clean, people went to banyas and saunas to treat different illnesses such as common colds and cardiovascular diseases. In XXI century, people still keep visiting saunas. This is an excellent way to relax, have… Читать дальше »

Tips for Better Sleep

Tips for Better Sleep Our body gets tired during day. To restore health and regain energy, we need proper sleep. It does not only help us to stay fit and in good mood, but also endues us with physical power and beauty, lengthens our youth and improves attention and memory. However, today’s world is full of temptations and… Читать дальше »

1001 Facts About BAAs

1001 Facts About BAAs Not everyone can afford healthy and balanced nutrition due to specific features of the food industry, point of residence, financial abilities and individual body features. At that, balanced nutrition implies a whole range of the substances which are required for human body to ensure proper functioning of the human body. One should be sure… Читать дальше »

The Ways to Establish Healthy Lifestyle

The Ways to Establish Healthy Lifestyle It is well known fact that many people start to live a healthier life once they get sick with something or wear themselves out. Doctors and social scientists actively advocate for healthy lifestyle. This is why it becomes increasingly popular, and even healthy people wish to stay fit. What Is a Healthy… Читать дальше »

Acclimatization: Overview and Methods

Acclimatization: Overview and Methods Person, who has been never overdressed thanks to the parents which tried to get him used to different weather conditions, is a true happy one. Natural environment such as air, sun and water, where different life forms are living in, definitely did the good to him. Human body has learnt to adjust to quickly… Читать дальше »