Is Chess a Sport or Art?

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Movement across chessboard using the chess pieces is a subject to strict rules, it develops thinking and intelligence, endurance and respect for the opponent. Happy is the one who knows how to play the game of chess: it all implies analytical work and corresponding mental attitude towards internal state of the opponent, painful search for the way out and insight leading to long-awaited victory. The chess player is experiencing emotional lift, which can only be compared to the music impact. At the same time, he spends a lot of physical strength to withstand tremendous load during the chess game: intellectual tension is harder perceived by untrained body than physical effort of any kind. Duration of game can comprise from one and a half up to six hours, it requires stress resistance and physical endurance from intelligent player.

Origin of Chess Game



The game is well over one and a half or two thousand years, but chess has been recognized as a sport since 1999. Scientists have found the first mention of the game “chaturanga” in manuscripts of ancient India dating back to the VI century. The title of this game reflected the movement done on the battlefield using all the possible weapons such as infantry, cavalry, chariots and war elephants. Location of the pieces across the field reflected a disposition and composition of troops of the Indian Army. When the game regained popularity in the Arabian world, it has gotten a new name: “shatranj”. The Iranians have changed the order of location of “the troops” and the game rules turning it into gambling fun as people were betting with money in that. Church decided to forbid this gameplay delaying a development of the game called “The Warriors”. Getting to Europe, the battle of black and white cells received a new name – the chess and since then it has been played worldwide. The end of the 19th century in the chess world was marked by the first chess tournament, competitions and championships. It was a time when the game had unshakably classic rules. The last century was marked by the fact that the title “Grand Master” was elaborated and it was assigned to the winners of the world championships.

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Top Reasons Why Chess is a Sport

The purpose of intellectual game is an expression of own identity as a man at the chessboard, a desire to defeat the enemy and consolidate own position as well as to reach the best reading in this discipline. Chess is not any different from the strength sports and team games. There are other signs, which help to identify the chess game as a sport:

  • Chess players «fight» per certain rules.
  • The outcome of game is defined by judge.
  • Sport fans and common audience attend the game.
  • Winner is defined using private and team classification.
  • Sports coaches design individual training programs, where different sports are included.
  • Fans of intellectual exercises adhere to sports nutrition principles, which are directed toward stimulation of intellectual processes and physical endurance.
  • Chess players should have a strict sports schedule to obtain a better physical, emotional and intellectual shape.

Intelligence and Power

There are thousands of chess tournaments held every year worldwide. In 1970, the world-famous chess pieces visited the space. Vitaly Sevostyanov and Andrian Nikolayev played the game in the name of Space and Earth has replied them in the face of the head of department responsible for training of a team of the cosmonauts, Nikolai Kamanin, and the cosmonaut Viktor Gorbatko. The chess lap lasted for about 6 hours, and a spacecraft managed to turn four times around the Earth during the tournament called “Space-Earth”.

Outstanding Grand Masters combine several sports. For example, chess players may like strength sports or team games. In the sports world, there are several techniques to align interests during training and tournaments. Sophisticated complexes of strength training should be left for simple chess moves. When you are about to solve a complex intellectual task, you should accompany the search with a light exercise. Playing chess at home, player may distract himself with a walk or a ping pong game. Few yoga exercises may work as well.

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Alternate strength and intellectual exercising using the principle of fatigue: if you think that your brains are getting tired, then do some exercising, and vice versa. Preparing for a competition, include strength loading into the first day of training, engage yourself into intellectual games during second day of training, and then again let your muscles and brain to relax for one day.

Chess is not an active kind of sport. The player must sit for hours at the chess table playing laps and trying different combinations. To win, the player should not only be very smart, he must be in excellent physical shape.

Physical Training for Chess Players



Chess player does not only exercise his mind, he also undergoes tremendous stress and physical loading during competitions. Chess training should promote development of visual memory, tactics and a gameplay strategy. Chess player should also have a certain mental attitude and live an active way of life. Famous Grand Masters favor complex preparation for the tournaments and they have managed to achieve the best results.

Chess player should have the following qualities:

  • A talent;
  • An attitude;
  • Physical endurance;
  • Professional training.

Chess players may choose to play team sports such as volleyball, football, hockey. They are not required to play at a high level, but it is good for them to maintain sufficient physical strength. They should do some exercising in the morning combined with contrasting water procedures. Long walks, jogging, swimming, cross-country skiing, ice skating should be included into chess training system. The coach should elaborate an individual list of training sessions, where mental and physical activities as well as days of rest and relaxation are alternated in a smart and reasonable ways.

Sticking with these simple rules, a sportsman will always stay fit and play chess for a longer period of time.

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