Chocolate harm for people: why don’t we stop using

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Types and composition of the product

Modern industry produces three types of chocolate: dark or black, milk and white. Someone loves black chocolate and is absolutely right. This product contains only cocoa beans grated in the form of powder and cocoa butter – natural ingredients inherent in real chocolate. Of course, there’s sugar, emulsifiers and vanilla in the composition. The cocoa bean content is at least 55%. This type is most useful because it contains organic and unsaturated fatty acids, dietary fibers and starch.
Produce vitamins E, PP, B and minerals: potassium and sodium, phosphorus and magnesium, iron. Black chocolate has a pronounced, bright and bitter taste.
Milk form got this name because it contains milk powder that replaces part of the cocoa beans. This gives it a creamy flavor and a light appearance. Chocolate is not that bitter and is more recommended for children. Dry substances not less than 25%, and in elite grades up to 50%.
Chocolate of any of the three types has approximately the same caloric value – more than 500 kcal. This figure is very high, which is already leading to a negative impact on the product. Those who want to keep their looks in shape shouldn’t eat chocolate. And if you really want to, it’s just a little bit – a gram 25 a day!

The use of chocolate

History of the origin and long-term existence of the cocoa bean beverage shows a real interest in this product. But at first his recipes were kept strictly confidential and only high-ranking personalities used hot chocolate. However, it was impossible to hide such a wonderful product from the people. The love of chocolate has spread all over the world, especially when the Spaniards began to add sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg to the bitter beverage.

The recipe for a delicacy was brought to Russia by the plenipotentiary ambassador of one of the Latin American countries. It was a gift for Empress Catherine II. We’re not going to go into the details of chocolate production development – that’s not our topic.

  • contains antioxidants that protect against neoplasms – these are antioxidants that destroy free radicals;
  • theobromine, caffeine and polyphenols in chocolate reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease
  • normalizes heart muscle function and increases vascular elasticity;
  • comes to normal blood pressure;
  • Chocolate is useful for autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis;
  • have a beneficial effect on memory in elderly people, stimulating brain function;
  • polyunsaturated acids (oleic and stearic acids), which are a part of chocolate, fight against “bad” cholesterol;
  • product stimulates digestion, improves intestinal peristalsis, prevents stomach ulcers;
  • product
  • strengthening the general condition due to the content of vitamins and other nutrients.
To make it really good, you have to eat no more than 50g of chocolate a day. When a man’s in trouble and bad breath, he’s offered some chocolate to eat. After all, this delicious dessert also treats us for depression, thanks to the presence of “hormones of joy” – endorphins and serotonins.

What’s the harm in chocolate for health

<We’ve learned so much about it that we can’t even believe it would hurt anyone. But alas, it is. Chocolate is contraindicated:

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  • People with diabetes mellitus (due to sugar content)
  • overweight. Especially it is not recommended to eat milk and white chocolate, but you should not refuse a piece of bitter chocolate – it won’t do any harm
  • to allergic people during a relapse into the disease. Chocolate alone doesn’t cause allergies, but it can enhance them. That’s why it’s better to abstain when taking antihistamines from chocolate.

Can I eat chocolate for the kids?

<Obviously, a child shouldn’t be given chocolate for up to three years of age. This is due to the fact that his immunity is only formed and burden the baby’s body dangerously. Upon reaching the age of three years, it can be gradually accustomed to adult food, as the body has already formed. In a week, a child can eat a bar of dark real chocolate. But follow some rules: eat it only on a well-fed stomach. For small children, only give milk chocolate, because there is a lot of theobromine in black. This alkaloid leads to poisoning: the child will have nausea and vomiting, headaches and stomach problems.

There are kids who are allergic to chocolate, and it can cause a serious attack of the disease.
The harmful properties of chocolate include its high sugar content. If a child is often spoiled by this dessert, it will lead to obesity, heartburn and nausea. Sugar doesn’t affect the pancreas very well.
When a child gets mother’s milk, she shouldn’t eat chocolate at all, at least for the first three months, because the child is already often tormented by gas in the stomach.
This is such an interesting product – chocolate, which can be harmful at the same time, but also be useful due to its rich composition:
  • potassium improves metabolism and stabilizes pressure
  • Magnesium has a positive effect on the formation of the child’s brain, the mother’s nerves are strengthened, the immunity increases, anxiety decreases;
  • theobromine regulates cardiac activity
  • Iron is involved in the formation of the fetus;
  • microelements and vitamins strengthen the body.
All this applies to black chocolate. Little by little, the mommy-to-be can eat it. Thinking mommy should weigh everything for and against her and her future child before eating such products. This will help you avoid errors.

Want to lose weight, don’t eat chocolate

The question of black chocolate for weight loss is controversial. A little bit of it will reduce his appetite and dull his hunger. This will reduce the propensity for fast carbohydrates and make it easier to control the weight.

Chocolate – “Food of the gods”?

In the beginning of his triumphal procession around the world, this delicacy was called that. And it is connected with theobromine, because in translation this word means food of gods. In fact, this substance is a toxin, but in our bodies it is immediately broken down into simple and safe compounds. But it is dangerous for animals, because their bodies are arranged differently and can not protect themselves, the animal can die. So don’t treat your pets to chocolate.

In conclusion, I would like to add: do not make a cult of chocolate, use in moderation, and then it will benefit you more than harm. Cheers to you!

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