Dry Brewer’s Yeast: The Good or the Bad

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Dry Brewer’s Yeast: The Good or the Bad

Pros of the Brewer’s Yeast

People are cautious about BAAs. This is because there are too many BAAs which are useless or harmful for the human body. But this is not true when it comes to the brewer’s yeast. It is rich in vitamins, amino acids and minerals, which ensure proper functioning of the human body. Brewer’s yeast has positive impact upon our skin and hair. It strengthens our nerves and makes us stress proof. This BAA helps to normalize metabolism. It is good to take when you try to gain or lose some weight. Brewer’s yeast lowers down the cholesterol levels and strengthens immune system.
Let’s try to figure out why all these nice things happen to us when we take this BAA.

What is Brewer’s Yeast?

Brewer’s Yeast

This BAA includes the following compounds which our body needs on a daily basis:
· essential amino acids;
· the В vitamins;
· vitamin Е or tocopherol;
· macroelements such as magnesium, potassium, copper and zinc;
· microelements such as copper, zinc, iron and manganese;
· ribonucleic acid or RNA.
This is what the Brewer’s yeast contains. Manufacturers like to enrich this BAA with other vitamins and minerals which strengthen its effect in presence of some health issues.
1. Succinic acid protects and nourishes the cells. It helps to cleanse the body from harmful substances and metabolic waste.
2. When enriched with zinc, brewer’s yeast is good to take in presence of diabetes, neuralgias, eczema and dermatitis. People with skin problems also should take this BAA.
3. When enriched with selenium, brewer’s yeast increases resistance to flu and helps to improve overall health. Endocrinologists advise to take selenium as BAA in presence of hypothyroidism, that is, the thyroid disease.
Brewer’s yeast with natural additives favorably affect the one’s health. Stay away from synthesized vitamins which can be used in the BAAs with brewer’s yeast. They will do rather harm than good to the human body.

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Autolyzed Brewer’s Yeast

Autolyzed brewer’s yeast is the alive protozoa or the yeast fungi. Yeast fungi are not good for the weak immune system. They are not digested by the intestines. This is why purified autolyzed brewer’s yeast is used. It doesn’t contain the cell walls of the fungi, therefore it is easily digested by the human body. Doctors recommend to use autolyzed brewer’s yeast. It also doesn’t cause fermentation or have any other side effects.

Brewer’s Yeast Helps to Gain Weight

It is well known that Arnold Schwarzenegger used the brewer’s yeast to gain muscle mass. This American bodybuilder and actor added raw brewer’s yeast to the milk shake or took it along with the raw eggs. Nowadays, one can buy some other products, which are rich in protein. Hardgainers use them to build the muscles and gain some weight. However, useful properties of the brewer’s yeast are not forgotten. Sportsmen take BAAs to recover after intensive workouts, strengthen immune system and normalize the protein metabolism.

How to Take BAAs

Doctors advise to take brewer’s yeast as an additional source of the B vitamins. Autolyzed brewer’s yeast helps us to get strong in an emotional and physical way. It makes us younger and more attractive and healthier while improving the tissue regeneration.
Brewer’s yeast is taken for one or two months long and then break should be made. It should be taken in an amount of two or three pills per day in presence of some health issues. If otherwise healthy, adults and teenagers should take one pill thrice per day. Newborn babies should not be given this BAA. BAA administration should be resumed after three months’ break granted its positive impact on the one’s body.

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Brewer’s yeast is used to normalize metabolism and improve the work of immune system. However, it also has a series of contraindications as follows:
· Individual intolerance;
· Pregnancy;
· Presence of the fungal diseases;
· Gout;
· Kidney diseases.

Consult your doctor before taking dry brewer’s yeast and then it will do you only good!

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