Eat More to Lose Weight Fast. Split Your Meals

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Eat More to Lose Weight Fast. Split Your Meals

Are you get used to having some sandwiches and cup of coffee for breakfast, quick lunch or some snacks during working day and very heavy meal for a dinner? Eating three meals per day only, one has to really feed the hunger by consuming heavy meals to keep himself full until next meal. As a result, overeating, heavy overloading of digestive tract, insomnia, obesity and bad mood do arise.

Splitting the meals helps to make human body healthy and fight excessive weight. One should consume small meals in an amount of one glass or a palm of hand every 2 to 3 hours. Human body gets used to such regimen and does not make unwanted “fatty storages” in thighs, butt, stomach burning the fat accumulated under skin in a more effective way.

Dietary Guidelines

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It is recommended to start splitting the meals during vacation. In this case, human body will easily get used to such a regimen and you won’t need to have some additional snacks at work and heavy meals for a dinner. Getting used to have small split meals every 2,5 to 3 hours will help you to elaborate special schedule which should be followed once you resume working life.

Follow your feelings. Do not put body under stress forcing it to overcome physiological or psychological boundaries. Gradually lessen size and nutritional value of the meals and do not start avoiding your favorite foods at once.

We were all told at home to eat your meals till the end when we were youngsters. So, when we see small portion of soup or meat dish in our plate, it may make us feel uncomfortable and prevent us from feeding the hunger properly. So, make some trick and just use the dish of a smaller size.

Try to stay calm when consuming the food. Enjoy its aroma and chew the food properly. Behaving this way, you will feed the hunger and keep yourself full for a long time to go. You should have a lunch during the lunch break instead of chatting with the colleagues. Eating some small breakfast and healthy dinner, you can compensate for your quick snacks during day.

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Think nutritional value of each meal through. Heavy lunch containing complex carbs such as porridge, fruits or whole-grain bread will be an excellent choice. Have some fiber rich greens for your dinner 3 hours before bed time. You can have some fat-free yogurt or fruits as a late evening snack. Lunch should consist of some soup, meat or fish with fresh greens. Have a natural yogurt, salad made from fresh vegetables or fruits, fruit compote or juice as a day snack. Try to incorporate some natural saturated fats such as butter and meat as well as unsaturated fats such as vegetable oils and fish to your dietary regimen.

Keep equal breaks between meals to manage insulin and glucose levels. Then you won’t get hungry as the hormones, which help human body to store fat, won’t be produced.
One should consume up to 2 liters of fluids per day in a form of soups, juices and tea or water. Have some glass of water half an hour before your meal to improve digestion and stay hydrated.

Let’s Have Some Chat about Dietary Restrictions

Splitting meals is not a tough way to fight the weight gain. This is the most natural way to teach your body to consume small meals and satisfy the hunger in a proper way. As a result, you will improve your health, mood and attitude. Following this dietary regimen, one should consume the meals that contain usual foods which provide body with required amount of nutrients and are of a healthy nutritional value. In this case, you won’t miss chips, Coca-Cola, French fries, cakes and hamburgers which cause harm to your body. Just have some nuts and dried fruits instead.

Benefits of Splitting Meals

Splitting your meals, you won’t risk anything as you won’t deprive yourself in food feeding your hunger when you need to do so. Diets, which require long breaks between meals, will result in opposite outcomes. You will constantly feel hungry so your body will just be put under stress starting to store fat “just in case”. One won’t eat properly. Yet he will start gaining weight.
Improving metabolism helps to lose weight. You will lose weight gradually but forever.
You won’t overeat, and your body won’t be forced to digest heavy dinner during night time ensuring its proper rest. You will sleep deeply and wake up easily in the mornings.
Splitting meals will ensure proper absorption of nutrients.
Skin won’t get saggy as one will lose weight gradually. Splitting meals is especially good way to go when combined with correct sports activities.
This is an excellent option for people with pre-existing conditions (have some chat with your doctor about it first).

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Disadvantages of Splitting Meals

Working person will struggle to incorporate such a routine to his life style as making small meals and eating them frequently and properly takes time. Busy people are usually short in time. This is why working person should try to eat healthy during weekends, breakfast and lunch times.
It also takes long time to get used to consuming small meals.
This is not the way to lose weight very fast to fit to your small-sized clothes quickly.

How to Boost Efficiency of This Approach?

Start visiting gym or make some exercises at home, take some walk. Keep your sport routines going on and you will quickly see some result.
Keep consuming small meals in a certain way. Eat only compatible foods at once. Consume meat, fruits and bread in separate times. Incompatible foods evoke obesity as they do not ingest properly in human body once they get into there together.

Splitting meals will help you to lose weight. Listen to your body. And if you feel well and keep losing weight then you are in the right track!

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