Facts about Green Tea

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Facts about Green Tea

People often drink green tea to maintain stable weight or lose the excessive one. BAA sellers and manufacturers convince people that herbal extracts help to normalize metabolism and burn fat. Let’s discuss in more details what kind of ingredients can be found in green tea and what kind of impact it has upon human body.

Green Tea Ingredients

Green tea includes the following vitamins: B C, U, E, K, P, F.
Green tea also contains the following substances:
Epigallocatechin gallate;

Linoleic and gamma-Aminobutyric acids are also found in green tea.

Green Tea for Weight Loss

Green Tea

People should drink green tea when they adhere special dietary regimen in order to lose weight. Doing so will help them to stick to such a regimen.
• This drink contains vitamins and minerals, which help the one to stay energetic and fresh, stress less about change in menu and necessity to skip favorite meals.
• Drinking green tea helps one to feel less hungry. It facilitates the dieting process.
Sugar-free green tea can be consumed during dieting or fasting days. Nutritionists recommend to put some honey or skimmed milk to green tea.
Consuming green tea with lemon or ginger helps to lose weight in a more efficient way.

Green Tea as a Fat Burner

Green tea contains three substances, which help to burn fat, as follows:
Linoleic acid;
Epigallocatechin gallate;
Research has been done in order to find out how these substances affect humans and warm-blooded animals.

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Epigallocatechin gallate
This substance is also abbreviated as EGCG and belongs to the group of catechines. It acts like a catalyst in human body ensuring production of the polyphenols, which prevent lipogenesis, that is, absorption and deposition of the fat cells.

Caffeine boosts up metabolism impacting CNS and speeding up the metabolic processes in heart and blood vessels. For this purpose, human body needs energy, which it obtains by breaking down the fatty deposits. To lose weight by consuming the green tea, one should remember do not increase or decrease the food intake.

Linoleic Acid
This substance helps to burn fat and gain muscle mass.

Green Tea Dosage

It is necessary to know exact amount of the substances green tea contains in order to be able to assess its efficiency in terms of weight loss.
Each glass of freshly brewed green tea (200ml) contains:
• 8 to 12mg of EGCG;
• 36 to 80mg of caffeine (its amount depends of the tea type).

To lose weight efficiently by means of using the EGCG, one should consume up to 270mg of this substance or more on a daily basis.
Normally, one may consume up to 130mg of caffeine daily (very healthy people can consume up to 300mg of caffeine).
Calculations show that people can efficiently lose weight consuming up to 1,5-2,0 liters of green tea per day. They can safely drink up to 3-5 glasses of green tea per day. One can increase consumption of green tea in absence of kidneys-related and digestive issues.

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Which Type of Green Tea is Good for Weight Loss?

Types of green tea differ in terms of processing techniques of the collected tea leaves.
Chao Qing Lyi Ca is the most popular kind of tea, which is made from roasted tea leaves.
Hong Qing Lyi Ca is the tea which is made from the tea leaves that are dried in special stoves. Such dried tea leaves are used to make compressed and loose green tea.
Fermented tea is made by steaming the tea leaves and then drying them in a curled way.
All the abovementioned types of green tea have useful properties. To improve health and burn fat, it is wise to use the middle-leaf and additive free, organic type of green tea.

Side Effects and Contraindications

Green tea is diuretic that has short-term effect when it comes to weight loss. This is why one can’t think that weight loss, which takes place in the first days of the green tea consumption, does mean loss of fatty deposits as well.
This drink should be consumed with care in presence of the genitourinary diseases.

It is not recommended to consume green tea in presence of the stomach ulcer, active gastritis and low blood pressure.

Green Tea History & Nutrition – Superfoods

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