Fat Burners: Types, Effects on the Body and Use

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Fat Burners: Types, Effects on the Body and Use

Fat burners are food supplements which include substances that help to shrink the fat cells. Some of them have many side effects or are considered as a doping when taken. This is why their administration should be controlled by the doctors.

Fat burners are composed of the vitamins, amino acids and minerals. Herbal extracts such as alkaloids, saponins and sterols quite frequently are used to make fat burners.

Bodybuilders and powerlifters take fat burners for shredding, easing the workouts up and to increase the muscle definition.

Types of Fat Burners

Fat Burners


Thermogenics help to break down the fatty deposits and help to free fatty acids to enter the bloodstream. Fat burners of this kind boost up the metabolism. Complex fat burners are considered to be 80% thermogenics.

Thermogenics increase efficiency of the workouts due to powerful surge of the fatty acids in the bloodstream and their burning during physical activity. In addition, fat burners of this kind evoke adrenaline rush.

Metabolism Boosters

Fat burners of this kind boost up the metabolism by preventing the fatty acids from reaching the fatty deposits in the human body. These boosters increase or decrease level of such hormones as thyroid hormone, insulin and cortisol.

Weight loss is impossible without free fatty acids entering the bloodstream and their oxidation. Fat burners activate these processes.

Calorie Blockers

This kind of fat burners helps to block absorption of nutritional substances the foods contain. Stimulators and thermogenics act at the cellular level while blockers do their work in the intestines. Blockers contain substances which block the food molecules in the intestinal tract and do not allow their digestion. This is how nutritional value of the consumed foods goes down.

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This is a type of fat burners with low efficiency. They increase speed with which the fatty deposits break down by means of boosting the metabolism.


They remove fluids from human body and, thus, decrease the weight. They are not so efficient.

Basic Compounds of the Fat Burners

Majority of fat burners contain such substances as caffeine and L-carnitine.


Caffeine has the following effects on the human body:

1) It boosts up the breakdown of the glycogen.

2) It activates lipolysis – the process which helps to burn fat.

3) It stimulates the excitatory system.

Person, who adheres to the strict diet, is experiencing lack of energy. Caffeine helps to solve this issue and this person can easily cope with workouts.

The best time to take supplements containing caffeine is half an hour before workout.

Caffeine is stimulating substance. This is why people with heart diseases should check with their doctor first whether or not they may take the supplements which contain caffeine.


This is amino acid which furthers fat burnings and is used in complex supplements as well as in its pure form. Sports shops sell L-carnitine in a form of pills, powder for making shake and capsules.

This supplement activates the delivery process of the fatty acids to the mitochondria. Mitochondria are the structures in the human body which are responsible for fat burning. L-carnitine boosts up the metabolism and increases the energy levels during workouts.

L-carnitine stimulates the cardiac muscle that is why this supplement is good for people with heart diseases.

The Best Time to Take Fat Burners

People with heart diseases, diabetes and allergies should consult their doctor first. Fat burners should be taken with caution in presence of stomach-related issues.

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Fat burners should not be taken if they cause trembling in extremities, emotional disturbances and lack of appetite or insomnia. Children under age 18 should not take fat burners. The only exception is L-carnitine, which is a vitamin and can be taken at any age.

Thermogenics increase body temperature, they should be taken after food.

Fat burners should be taken before 6pm. Fat burners have stimulating effect on the human body and they will disturb sleep if taken too late in the evening.

Fat burners have such a structure that they can be addictive. This is why they should be taken for 2-3 weeks in a row with 2-week intervals in between.

Fake Fat Burners

Sports shops sell a great amount of supplements which are inefficient. They include Reduxine Light, Elkar and Appetinole. Herbal diuretics such as Chitosan, Carniton, and Raspberry Ketone do not have required impact upon human body as well.


People believe that fat burners can help them to lose weight. This is a myth. Fat burners are efficient only when one sticks to proper dietary regimen and works out on a regular basis. Supplements help the body to shred and get rid of excessive weight this is why it is not wise to take fat burners just for fun.

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