Gelatin: Chemistry, Health Benefits and Disadvantages

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Gelatin is a superfood which helps with muscle gain, weight loss and promotes health of joints.

Gelatin has a range of benefits. Bodybuilders use it to further muscle growth and it is also used to help with weight loss. This product should be used in presence of bone and joint disorders. Is it healthy and how to use it? What do doctors think about this food? This is what we are going to talk about today.

What Is Gelatin?

This product is a food derived from animal bones. It is a protein, which is presented in almost pure form and rich in amino acids and collagen. Gelatin also contains the following substances:

  • Carbs.
  • Fats and fatty acids.
  • Micro- and macro elements such as iron and calcium, magnesium and sodium as well as phosphorus and potassium.
  • Vitamin РР.
  • Water, starch and ash.

Health Benefits

Gelatin contains fatty acids, which enter blood stream and get easily absorbed. Thus, gelatin has the following positive impact on human body:

  • It strengthens bones and joints;
  • It promotes hair growth;
  • It improves skin condition;
  • It helps to restore damaged ligaments;
  • It normalizes weight;
  • It speeds up recovery after workouts.

Superfood for Sportsmen

Weightlifters take gelatin for decades because it has a positive effect on joints health. This product is rich in collagen. Inflammation in musculoskeletal system, which is increased after high stress, gets reduced. Studies have shown that athletes, who use hydrolyzed collagen, are less likely to suffer from joint pain. As a result, training becomes more productive.

When gelatin is mixed with honey, protein concentration in this product increases. Such a mix is used by some bodybuilders instead of expensive food additives. It speeds up muscle gain. So, the only one thing is left. Nutrition should be enriched with some amino acids, which are not present in gelatin.

Treatment and Prevention of Joint Diseases

People with arthritis and osteoporosis should consume gelatin. The product helps to relieve inflammation and strengthen cartilage and bones. This happens as gelatin is rich in collagen – a major component of a cartilage.

The body can produce this substance on its own. If for some reason, its synthesis is disturbed, cartilage gets thin. The joints gradually lose their elasticity and begin to rub against each other. As a result, the bone gets deformed and it can evoke development of serious diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Regular use of gelatin prevents collagen deficiency. Cartilage tissue regains its firmness and elasticity.

Health Benefits of Gelatin for Meat Lovers

Jellied Meat

Jellied Meat

People, who eat a lot of meat, should include gelatin in their daily menu. Animal products contain large amounts of methionine and amino acids that trigger increase in the levels of homocysteine ​​in the blood. Blood gets oxidized, it increases risk of development of a heart disease, osteoporosis and depression. In such circumstances, the body is in a need for greater amounts of substances that neutralize an action of homocysteine. These include vitamins B6 and B12, folic acid, and choline. Gelatin eliminates damage, which is caused by acidic environment.

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The optimal solution is to eat meat with the skin, tendons and jellied pieces, which most people throw away. It is also useful to include jellied meats and homemade sausages in their menu. This enables increased consumption of gelatin and furthers enrichment of the body with collagen and, respectively, with amino acids it contains.

Improved Digestion

Gelatin can also normalize digestion. This product improves production of gastric acid and repairs stomach mucosa.

Gelatin should be consumed by people with low gastric acidity as it promotes development of digestive issues. Gelatin successfully fights this issue.

Gelatin is rich in protein and absorbs water well keeping fluids inside of intestinal tract. Thus, normal defecation takes place and person does not experience painful constipation.

Healthy Skin and Hair

Collagen production lessens with age. It causes appearance of wrinkles. Complementing daily menu with gelatin, one can improve skin state from inside. Such a method is even more effective than use of cremes with lifting effect.

Gelatin contains glycine and proline. They are amino acids, which are used to produce collagen, which is the main structural skin element. Obtaining building material, body rejuvenates and ensures protection against of harmful UV impact.

Consumed regularly, gelatin helps to keep hair in good shape. They get thick and start to shine. Nails get strong, as well.

Superfood for Weight Loss



Consuming gelatin, one can lose weight. Such an effect is reached as product cheats stomach inhibiting hunger. Person does not overeat and loses excessive weight without experiencing serious discomfort.

Gelatin has a quite high nutritional value. 100 g of gelatin contain 355 kcal, but it is also rich in proteins. To digest them, body should spend a lot of energy. Therefore, gelatin consumption results in increased burning of fatty tissues.

Human body actively uses the glycogen accumulated in muscle tissues during dieting process, it may cause destruction of these tissues. The use of gelatin allows to prevent this side effect. One should stay away from chocolate and pastries when dieting as it may lead to accumulation of the fatty deposits. People with sweet tooth can easily replace sweets with gelatin-based jelly made from unsweetened fruit juice. Such a jelly contains much less calories and it is more beneficial for your health. Therefore, it can cause weight loss, and feed hunger for long.

Organic Sedative and Sleeping Aid

Gelatin contains glycine. This neurotransmitter decreases stimulation of the nervous system and reduces anxiety. It prevents effect of a norepinephrine, which is produced in a state of panic. As a result, a person calms down, and gets aa normal sleep without use of sleeping pills that cause certain side effects.

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The Doctors’ Opinion

Some physicians suggest that regular use of gelatin has no significant effect on health of their patients. They explain it by the fact that condition of the patients with rheumatoid arthritis and similar ailments eases up only slightly. However, there is no proof that gelatin can cause harm to the human body.

All doctors agree that gelatin promotes renewal of such the tissues as bones, cartilage and joints. The reason for the matter of the product being ineffective in treatment of arthritis lies in its insufficient use. The daily dose should be 80 grams, which is quite a large amount.

All in all, physicians came to the following conclusion: gelatin itself is neither a painkiller and does not have an anti-inflammatory effect nor can serve as a substitute for drugs used to treat joint diseases. This is an auxiliary product, which should be added into nutrition to prevent collagen deficiency in the human body. It cannot replace the main treatment used for joint problems, but its use will be noticeable after regular consumption even in small quantities.

Rules of Use

Gelatin is well available in stores. Therefore, it is widely used in cooking and, therefore, it is not so difficult to incorporate it into menu.

To strengthen joints and bones as well as rejuvenate body, one should consume at least 10 grams of gelatin every day. There are many options what to do with it. One can make fruit or meat jelly. It all depends on individual food preferences.

To improve collagen production, it is not enough just to consume gelatin. One should include products, which are rich in vitamins С and В6 as well as zinc, sulfur, copper, iron, manganese, bioflavonoids and amino acids, into menu.  Main sources of these substances are products which are rich in proteins. Fish and vegetable oils are among them.

Contraindications and Side Effects

Gelatin is usually well absorbed, but some people should not use it. Gelatin is rich in protein; such foods can cause or exacerbate certain diseases such as:

  • Kidney disease;
  • Hemorrhoids and chronic constipation;
  • Heart disease and atherosclerosis;
  • Kidney stones and gallstones;
  • Increased blood clotting;
  • Thrombosis and thrombophlebitis.

In rare cases, one can be hypersensitive to gelatin. This usually happens when one goes heavy on some products. To eliminate the side effects, you should drink an infusion made of dried fruits or a mixture of them. Here is one useful recipe. Take 300 g of dried apricots, figs, prunes and 100 g of honey, blend them together into homogenous mixture. Consume 1 tsp. of this mix every day.

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