Good nutrition when you quit smoking

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Nutrition during the period of nicotine addiction withdrawal should simultaneously solve three problems: minimize stress for the body, reduce craving for a cigarette and not provoke desire to smoke. Besides, it is necessary to observe a few simple rules when drawing up a diet, so that all efforts do not lead to a set of extra pounds. It will not take much effort to meet these conditions. You just need to figure out what’s good to eat when you quit smoking and what you should categorically give up, and how to make the right menu based on all this.

How to help the body

Smoking adversely affects not only the respiratory system, but the whole body. To survive, he adapts to work in such conditions, and the transition to normal life is associated with a certain load. That’s why we need to help all organs and systems recover more quickly.

For this purpose, the following recommendations should be taken into account when designing the diet:

  1. The main menu should be plant fiber, which will bind and remove toxins accumulated in the liver and intestines during smoking. The best sources of fibre in this case will be cucumbers, celery, courgettes, oatmeal and prunes.
  2. Avoiding nicotine often leads to an increased appetite, as the body needs extra strength to recover and needs an increased diet. At the same time, the digestive system begins to experience increased stress and it needs help to adjust to this rhythm. You have to eat beetroots, figs, apricots.
  3. When smoking, vitamin C is eliminated from the body heavily. Ascorbic acid is a basic anti-stress vitamin, which quickly dries up under stress of any nature. Any citrus, blackcurrant, infusion of rosehip will be perfect to make up for it. At first it is desirable to take pharmacy drugs as well.
  4. Broccoli is considered an important nutritional component for former smokers. It contains a special substance – sulforaphane, which has a pronounced anticarcinogenic effect. Including broccoli in your daily diet will be an excellent prevention of cancer caused by cigarette smoke. And you can use this product in large quantities, as it has low caloric value and many other useful properties.

The list of useful products should also include green apples, black chocolate (no more than a bar per day), and plenty of clean water (at the rate of 30 ml per 1 kg of weight per day). We recommend replacing any shop sauces with cold-pressed vegetable oils. Carbohydrates in the diet should be present, but not “fast” (candy, pastry, etc.), and “slow” – porridges and wholemeal bread.

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than “eat” the craving for a cigarette.

Among the things that are good to eat when you quit smoking are foods that reduce craving for cigarettes or make the smoking process unpleasant. That’s what they are:

  1. Dairy products. If you want to smoke, you should drink a glass of milk, buttermilk or something like that. They spoil the taste of tobacco and reduce the pleasure of smoking. Moreover, fermented milk products have a beneficial effect on intestinal microflora and have low caloric value, so they are also beneficial to the body.
  2. Food sources of the “happiness hormone”. Pistachios, sunflower seeds, wheat bran (wholemeal bread), beans, walnuts, bananas, tuna, salmon, mackerel – all these products contain large amounts of vitamin B6 (pyridoxine). It relieves nervous tension, irritability, feeling of depression and other negative emotions that make you take up the cigarette.
  3. Certain vegetables. Smoking makes cucumbers, courgettes, celery and asparagus worse. When the traction becomes too strong, you have to eat something of the above and only then do a tightening. The desire to smoke should disappear right away.
  4. Ginger root. Whenever you want to smoke, you have to chew a piece of fresh ginger. Its burning taste will distract you from your cigarette and reduce your craving for nicotine.
  5. Passengers. According to narcologists, eggplants, potatoes and tomatoes can replace antinicotin preparations, as they contain nicotinic acid. And although her doses are several times less than the nicotine in tobacco, a certain effect is still observed.
  6. Sorbic acid. It is present in sorrel, spinach, green apples and also helps to overcome the desire for a cigarette. It is also useful to drink a glass of water every morning with the addition of 1 tbsp. of apple vinegar.

Effectively fight craving for smoking is only possible in a state of calm and satisfaction. Therefore, along with the listed products it is necessary to include your favorite dishes in the diet. One should not abruptly give up everything at once – it is better to choose the least of all evils.

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“Product blacklist

Lollipops are considered the most common substitute for cigarettes for those who quit smoking. But they are not only ineffective, but also cause tooth decay, weight gain and other problems caused by increased sugar consumption. Abuse of coffee or alcoholic beverages is also harmful to the result, as they, on the contrary, increase the desire to smoke.

Products that prevent the rejection of nicotine also apply:

  • salty and smoky;
  • fat and sweet;
  • sharp and burning.

These dishes either irritate cigarette-like receptors or stimulate pleasure centers, after which the brain starts to demand more and suggests smoking.

Food regulations

During the period of nicotine cessation it is important to observe not only the correct diet, but also the diet. That’s what it takes:

  • to reduce portions by 20%, but eat more often;
  • to replace high-calorie foods with diet foods;
  • instead of “fast” carbs, use “slow.”
  • use healthy cooking methods – not roasting, but baking and cooking;
  • for dressing, not mayonnaise, but lemon juice, vinegar, vegetable oil, yogurt;
  • to eat only wholemeal bread from flour products;
  • snacks should be healthy – greens, nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits and dried fruits.

To reduce the “sense of sacrifice” it is not recommended to change your regime and rhythm of life by force. You only have to introduce something new if you want to. For example, you don’t have to force yourself to eat breakfast because it’s useful. But if the body began to demand food in the morning, this desire must be satisfied.

The main thing is to remember that nutrition is not a panacea and the only way to fight smoking. But a properly chosen diet will be a good help during the period of getting out of a bad habit. It will help to feel better and calmer, the body will recover more quickly and get used to living outside the nicotine addiction.

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