Green Tea Extract for Weight Loss: Myth or Truth?

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Green Tea Extract for Weight Loss: Myth or Truth?

Green tea extract is a natural substance which is obtained from unfermented tea leaves. Raw tea leaves do not undergo thermal processing and are not complemented with artificial catalyzers, therefore green tea extract preserves its original chemistry.

Health Benefits of Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract contains vitamins, micro elements and complex organic compounds. Such a unique chemistry makes it very beneficial for health. Green tea extract has the following health benefits:

  • It has antioxidant properties;
  • It strengthens and restores tissues of the walls of blood vessels;
  • It lowers cholesterol level;
  • It makes one feel refreshed and energetic.

Green Tea Extract Burns Fat

Green Tea

Green Tea

Green tea extract became increasingly popular as it acts as a fat burner. Green tea has a softer impact on human body than artificially created substances when it comes to weight loss. Final outcome such as weight loss is ensured due to its complex impact upon human body.

  • Normalization of lipid exchange happens due to presence of caffeine, vitamin C and epigallocatechin and epicatechin in green tea extract.
  • Green tea is rich in vitamins and minerals, therefore it boosts working ability and stamina. Green tea contains more vitamin C than citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges. Green tea also contains a caffeine-like substance such as alkaloid thein, which boosts energy levels in a smooth way.
  • Thein also inhibits appetite.

Green Tea Extract Favorably Affects Heart and Blood Vessels

Green tea contains catechins and vitamin C, which strengthen vessel walls and increase their plasticity decreasing their permeability at the same time. It lowers cholesterol levels preventing formation of the plaques. Healthy vessels fully provide tissues and organs with blood.

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Green Tea Extract in Sport

Fat burns very intensively during heavy workouts. However, oxidative stress does increase.  Hydroperoxides of lipids, which form after workouts, negatively impact overall well-being.

Sports Medicine Institutes of Iran, China, Poland, Japan and Switzerland conducted a series of tests comparing the parameters in two groups of test participants. One group was treated with green tea extract, and the other was given a placebo instead. The intensity and workout regimen for both groups of test participants were the same. The following things were found out:

  • Green tea extract created antioxidant protection during regular as well as short-term workouts. Tests have shown that people, who were not given green tea, had elevated creatine kinase levels in blood even a day after an intensive workout. Biological balance of people, who used green tea extract, was recovered in less than a day.
  • Blood pressure and pulse measurements confirmed that heart functioning was restored better when using green tea extract than when not using it at all.
  • Exhausting workouts can weaken the body; it becomes more vulnerable to inflammatory diseases. Immunoglobulin levels of the test participants were measured before training, immediately after training and in a half an hour upon its completion. Those people, who took the green tea extract, had greater immunoglobulin levels after 30 minutes of workout than the control group.

Additional Functions of Green Tea Extract

  • Green tea contains vitamin C, micro elements and iron which ensure proper blood circulation.
  • Vitamin K is required to promote synthesis of osteocalcin which is necessary to crystalize calcium from. Osteocalcin deficiency results in fragile bones and traumas.
  • Green tea contains natural adsorbents which collect and remove toxic substances from human body.
  • Green tea extract is a natural antiestrogen which inhibits aromatase.
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Green tea extract helps in weight loss, but it should be used along with adequate workouts and healthy nutrition to achieve the best result.

Side Effects of Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract is rich in bioactive elements, therefore it should be consumed with additional care.

  • It should not be consumed in presence of individual intolerance.
  • Green tea should be consumed with care by people with high blood pressure.
  • It should not be used in fever.

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