Guarana: Natural Source of Energy for Sportsmen

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Guarana: Natural Source of Energy for Sportsmen

Guarana is a plant which grows in Amazon rainforest. It has become recently know in Europe, but guarana and its leaves are used in Latin America for medicinal purposes for a very long time. Not so many people know that guarana contains caffeine. Sportsmen benefit from this property. BAAs containing caffeine are used before workout. They boost stamina and boost energy levels.

Benefits of Guarana



There are not so many differences between caffeine and guarana. This substance enters human body and affects brain cells stimulating the nerve endings. Having energy drink with guarana before workouts helps to boost performance. Such a BAA helps to boost stamina. This property is used by numerous sports nutrition manufacturers that complement BAAs with caffeine and guarana in appropriate quantities.

Guarana seeds contain 2 to 3 more times caffeine than traditional coffee. Berries and leaves of guarana contain much less caffeine. Therefore, buying guarana-based BAA, you should clarify what part of guarana was used to produce it.

Guarana is not a sports supplement. It is used as a medicinal mean in Latin America. Sportsmen think that it improves mental concentration positively affecting cardiovascular system functioning and fights atherosclerosis.

Guarana Burns Fat

Guarana is often used by sportsmen as a fat burner. Apart from caffeine, guarana also contains theobromine and theophylline. These substances boost metabolism and break fats. Slimmers use different supplements made using guarana.

Please note that guarana-based BAAs are quite often complemented with ephedrine and aspirin. Such a fat burner has many side effects, therefore one should carefully read instruction and decide whether the use of such supplement makes any sense at all. It is better to use guarana in its pure form.

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Strength training novices quite often do not realize the way fat burners work. You won’t lose any weight just using pills as instructed. You must work out in gym even in a more intensive way than ever before. However, using guarana you will get the energy boost which will be used along with fat. Such drugs are used by professional bodybuilders at shredding stage before competitions.

Side Effects of Guarana

Guarana has the same side effects as caffeine:

  • Burnout;
  • Insomnia;
  • Increased heart rate;
  • Excessive sweating;
  • High blood pressure.

The difference is that guarana has a more fast and prolonged effect than caffeine and, therefore, risk of overdosing is relatively small. The latter means that the risk of development of side effects is much smaller. Thus, professional sportsmen favor guarana in their nutrition.

Guarana-based BAA is provided by many worldwide known manufacturers. It is manufactured in a form of pills, capsules, powder and mix to make energy drinks. Checking available options, you will find the most suitable one.

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