Health Benefits of Golf

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Health Benefits of Golf

Today we will talk about health benefits of the golf game. This sport has no contraindications, it is suitable for people of any age and weight category. There are no gender differences and this game does not require any physical preparation to start play in. In addition, it is not necessary to gather a team of players and search the rivals or partners. This is a game to play alone.

Who Plays Golf?

The essence of entertainment is to get a little ball into a special hole using a minimum number of hits with a driver. The golf game has become increasingly popular in Western Europe and the United States. But some people from CIS countries also love this game. In Russia, the golf clubs account over 1,000 members, but more people gets engaged into this game with every year.

Professional tracks are arranged in the large areas of ​​100 hectares in a size, and they are designed to have 18 holes. Maintaining a track in order is a very difficult and expensive process so the fans can use a smaller field sized 9 or even 4 to 5 hectares. In this case, the size of gaming site is reduced to 9 or 4-5 hectares, respectively.

Traditionally, golf is considered a hobby for millionaires. In fact, this is only partially true as this game is quite affordable for common people, as well. First, one must spend some money to buy the equipment. But a good-quality driver will last for 20-30 years, and beginners do not necessarily buy the whole set at once. It is enough to buy only necessary equipment and additional purchases may be done on the go.

Health Benefits of Golf: 5 Reasons to Play Golf

Health Benefits of Golf

Health Benefits of Golf

1. Strengthening the pectoral sling. Regular workouts help to become strong and strengthen the following muscles:

— Back muscles around backbone;

— Abs;

— Muscles of back side of thighs;

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— Groin muscles;

— Oblique and transverse stomach muscles.

Whole body is involved into hit using a golf brassie. At that, physical overloading is not that strong and one won’t get tired so easily. This is why this game is good for your heart.

2. Enjoying the nature. Game is done in the open air, which contributes to production of vitamin D in human body. Walking along a rough terrain with not so heavy bag keeps musculoskeletal system in shape. One gaming round helps players to burn up to 350 calories and overcome a distance over 6-8 kilometers.

But players should walk. Riding a car negates positive effect reached during walking, because it does not require much energy to turn the steering wheel. And it is what staff is doing for golfers.

3. Making friends. Playing golf does not only help to stay in a good physical shape. In America, it is the most popular way to spend time in companies. This helps employees of one company to go beyond the framework of business relationships and find common interests as well as start to communicate with more ease and become a more cohesive team.

Culture and nature of entertainment involve interaction. Therefore, this game is ideal for strengthening interpersonal relationships.

4. Controlling emotions. Successes and failures on a green lawn look like the ups and downs in real life. Pursuing these activities, you will learn how to better manage emotions and overcome difficulties. Analyzing the consequences of each hit, you can predict the situation a few steps ahead.

5. Improving a culture. In golf, the emphasis is placed on etiquette, which is especially useful for the younger generation. It also instills integrity, responsibility and mutual aid, that is, the values, which are so rare in modern society. There are no judges on the field, and the participants should assess their own actions and impose the penalties.

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Golf Adds Years to Your Life

Old couple is playing golf

Old couple is playing golf

Golf lovers think that it can lengthen life span. This is a conclusion Finnish doctors came to. Scientists were observing 55 men, who were living sedentary life, during 5 months. They were playing gold two to three times per week during this experiment.

Scientists have measured their blood pressure, force, flexibility, stamina etc. after 150 days of experiment. Obtained data were compared with data gathered in a course of testing other 55 men, who did not do much exercises. Results were amazing. Golf players got their health into a better shape as follows:

— They’ve lost some weight;

— Their cholesterol level in blood got almost normal;

— They were doing better in ergo cycle and treadmill;

— Their waist size decreased.

And all of that was achieved thanks to regular walking in fresh air!

Disadvantages of Golf

Not everything is perfect. Golf has own negative aspects. They are connected to a swing – a sharp and powerful blow with a brassie. This movement involves most the body muscles – from the wrists to the ankles. This can result in sprains and overexertion injuries. The most common injuries in athletes are related to a lower back, elbows, shoulders – the “weak” places of the tennis players.

The only way to avoid damage is a thorough warm-up and stretching of the muscles before exercise. Workout should be done for at least 10 minutes.

Second unpleasant feature is associated with a sunburn. If you are playing with a friend or taking part in competitions during a hot summer day, then you should bring your sunscreen and a hat along (it can be a baseball cap, visor hat or a hat with a wide brim).

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