Health Benefits of Salmon

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Health Benefits of Salmon

Salmon has a very delicate taste and it has a range of health benefits. Salmon is the common name for several species of ray-finned fish in the family Salmonidae. There are also other fishes in this family as follows:

– Trout;

– Common Atlantic salmon;

– Chum salmon;

– Pink salmon;

– Sockeye salmon;

– Atlantic salmon etc.

They inhabit Far East as well as White, Caspian and Barents seas. Flesh of such fishes has a reddish, orange and pink color. However, it is not called a red fish because of its color. In old Russia, people thought that red color signifies the best things only.

Health Benefits of Salmon

Fresh salmon steak, isolated on white

Fresh salmon steak, isolated on white

Key to success lies in polyunsaturated fats.

Salmon contains triglycerides or fats, which have a great value for the human body. Healthy eaters and dieters should not be worried about weight gain when eating this fish. Polyunsaturated lipids are efficiently broken and digested by the human body.

Fatty acids Omega-3 such as docosahexaenoic acid, EPA and ALA play important role in human body. ALA is especially important as it is an essential acid which cannot be synthesized by the human body on its own. The only option is to get ALA along with food.

Let’s first discuss health benefits of salmon which are determined by presence of the Omega-3 acid. These compounds take part in all the internal processes and accomplish the following functions:

1. Prevention of development of the cardiovascular diseases. Venous and arterial blood thickens as a result of consumption of a low-quality food and fast food. This happens due to high concentration of animal fats and proteins in such kinds of foods. As a result, blood vessels get blocked with blood clots. The latter results in varicose veins, strokes and cardiac arrest. Acid Omega-3 helps to thin blood and facilitate its movement along blood vessels helping to provide cells of internal organs with sufficient amount of an oxygen.

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2. Relaxing effect on excitatory system. Salmon slows down synthesis of an adrenalin and simultaneously stimulates production of a serotonin. As a result, central excitatory system gets relaxed and impulses are transferred quickly to brain. Attention, memory and mental abilities improve.

3. Fighting inflammations. Salmon is good to consume in presence of the stomach ulcers, gastritis, skin diseases, rheumatic fever, arthrosis and arthritis. Moreover, it increases resistance to common colds, that is, it boosts the immune system.

4. Salmon removes «bad» cholesterol from the human body. Meat, chicken eggs and milk contain lipoproteins of low density or simply cholesterol. These substances are not dissolved in stomach or gut. They enter liver and then other tissues from there. For the lipoproteins to enter blood stream, they should be coated with protein cover. As a result, capsules are formed. If there are too many capsules, then blood vessels get blocked. Polyunsaturated fats prevent excessive formation of such the capsules. The latter has a positive impact on the heart state.

5. Diabetes prevention. Salmon contains methionine. It is the amino acid, which is easily digested and helps to cleanse intestines from toxic substances and normalize metabolism and insulin level.

6. Strengthening the cellular membranes. Salmon is very important for babies. It helps to form brain cells and retina. This is why pregnant women should consume products which contain omega-3 acids to stay in good health and ensure proper formation of the fetus organs. Salmon should be also consumed to ensure good health of hair and nails.

7. Lowering the blood pressure. Salmon contains special active substances, which act as mediators. They widen blood vessels and normalize blood pressure.

Well-Balanced Vitamin and Mineral Composition

Presence of biologically active fats in salmon is not the only benefit of this fish. Literally every molecule of this fish is good for the human body. Salmon flesh contains the following substances:

– Vitamins A, B, D, E, PP.

– Micro- and macro elements such as calcium, iron, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, selenium, zinc, potassium, and manganese.

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– Great amount of protein with excellent dietary indices.

– Amino acids such as lysine, isoleucine, arginine, leucine, threonine, methionine, tryptophan, phenylalanine.

– Active substances which promote digestion.

This product is digested very well compared to port or veal, therefore it is considered dietary.

Choosing Fresh Salmon

One should be aware of how to choose fresh salmon in store or market place. You should pay attention to the following things when choosing fresh salmon in store:

  • Fish should have transparent eyes. Blurry eyes mean that fish is not fresh anymore.
  • Flesh should be thick and smooth.
  • Fish scale should be covered in mucus and it should smell like the ocean.
  • Gills should have intense red color. If their color is not so intense, then it means that fish is not fresh anymore.

Wild-Caught Salmon Vs. Farmed One

Wild salmon eats seaweed and phytoplankton and gets useful substances and polyunsaturated fats from those. Small kinds of salmon are eaten by other fishes. This is how salmon gets rich with omega-3 acids and minerals. Human being is the one who eats salmon.

Nowadays salmon is raised in special farms. It eats protein concentrates and synthetic vitamins.

This is why wild salmon is much healthier to consume than the farmed one. However, how do we know what shape oceans and seas are in? Industrial waste and heavy metals are being put to the oceans and seas. Therefore, salmon may contain toxic substances such as sulfur and lead. Consuming wild salmon, people can get very sick.

Polluting the waters and not caring of nature, humanity pays certain price. This is why people should carefully consider the possible consequences which take a place as civilization moves forward.

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