How and When to Use Whey Protein

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How and When to Use Whey Protein

Whey protein is used in sport nutrition. It is experimentally proven that whey protein stimulates the growth of the new cells and helps to gain the muscle mass. Whey protein is also used to lose weight or “shred” the body. It also helps the sportsmen to regain the energy after tiresome workouts, train their stamina and strengthen the immune system. This biological supplement should be used by these people which are not any sporty at all and wish to stay in a good health. Standards and timing related to consumption of this biological supplement are defined for each category of people.

What is Whey Protein?

Whey Protein

Biochemists have obtained the substance with «pure» protein content from the milk whey – residual product left after the cheese preparation. Protein content in whey protein increased from 50 up to 99% during the evolution process. For reference: chicken meat contains up to 20% of protein. To get the average daily dose of the protein (130 -150g), sportsmen should eat up to 5 – 10 portions of the chicken meat. At that, he overloads his body with the fat as one gram of a protein is accounted for 0,7 grams of fat.

Whey protein does not contain fats, peptides, and lactose. It creates nitrogen balance, which stimulated anabolism and muscle growth. It is so-called «quick» protein, which instantly fills the cells with protein containing essential amino acids such as:

  • tryptophan;
  • leucine;
  • isoleucine;
  • lysine;
  • tyrosine;
  • cysteine;
  • valine;
  • methionine;
  • threonine;
  • phenylalanine.

Types of Whey Protein

Using special techniques, three kinds of this biological supplement have been obtained as follows:

  • Concentrated protein obtained from whey contains up to 50-60% of protein. It contains fats and lactose. It is a product rich in calories. Sports coaches recommend beginning bodybuilders to use this supplement. Human body absorbs this biological supplement with different nice flavors during one and a half hours.
  • Protein isolate is the best one to go with: 90 out of 100g of this supplement are accounted for protein. It also contains sufficient amount of the fats and peptides. It takes half an hour for the human body to absorb whey protein isolate.
  • Hydrolyzed protein is a concentrated protein «storage»: 99 per 100g. «Mono» content of the hydrolyzed protein is tasteless, but well absorbed by the human body during 10 -15 minutes.

Now, when you have learned the structural features of the three types of the whey protein and its breakdown time, let us plot the intake schedule of this biological supplement.

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Time of Intake and Dosage

Calculate daily biorhythms and biochemical processes, which take place in human body in the morning, day time and during evening, to ensure correct whey protein intake. Correction coefficient should be used during workout days and sports competitions.

Remember that the rule «the more, the better» is not working out during the whey protein intake. Daily intake of this supplement for sportsmen should be defined by the sports doctor along with nutritionist. These specialists take an amount of natural proteins consumed through foods on a daily basis into account and introduce the protein concentrate in accordance with the following calculation: 2 grams per kilogram of the bodybuilder’s weight. People, which do not exercise regularly, should use another formula to calculate an amount they may consume daily. When conducting calculation, nutritionist should consider age, sex and body type of a person in question.

Morning Intake

You do not get any food during 8 hours of sleep, therefore your body uses evening energy amounts received in a form of the amino acids (destruction process of the muscle tissues) and glycogen obtained from liver. Catabolism of the muscle tissues happens at the same time at expense of the steroid hormone – cortisol. Destructing the muscles, it stimulates the body to forming of the fatty deposits. To prevent a rise of destructive processes, drink a cocktail made from the «quick» protein right in the morning. Nutritionists also advise to consume a good portion of the hydrolyzed whey protein in the morning, as well.

Destructive forces do not affect the muscle tissues once the body gets a dose of useful biological supplements.

Day Intake

This is a time for harmonization of metabolic processes. Whey protein will turn to be useful granted presence of balanced amino acid exchange. Doctor advises sportsmen to take one or two portions of concentrated whey protein in between the food intakes. This rule should be adhered during workout days. Take «slow» protein aka casein in between workouts. It gradually provides the muscles with building material without extreme loading.

Intake Before and After Workout

Sports doctor recommends to take concentrated protein 90 minutes before start of bodybuilding workout. If you didn’t manage to take it during this time, don’t you worry. Take the protein isolate half an hour before using the sports equipment. Such a preparation or saturation of the muscles with the amino acids will provide the body with building materials preventing it from using the muscle tissues. In this way, you will prevent an occurrence of the muscle catabolism.

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When you are done with tiresome workout, your body is ready to take next portion of the protein supplements. This should be done because the loads decreased the level of amino acids, glycogen and blood sugar. To restore the balance of amino acids, one should take hydrolyzed protein. It will take one hour to restore the energy spent. Then you should have a dinner favoring the milk products, fish and lean meat.

At Bedtime

Sportsmen should take protein shake made from the mix of «slow» and «quick» proteins to stay in shape. Complex intake helps to maintain stable level of the amino acids for 7-8 hours spent without food.

Whey Protein during «Shredding»

Sports doctors and «advanced» weightlifters recommend to take whey protein when forming the body core or during «shredding».

They use the following algorithm:

  • Morning «stop signal» for catabolic processes: one measuring spoon of whey protein.
  • Daily maintaining dose: lowering total caloric value of food, one or two portions of the whey protein concentrate.
  • Workout shake: one hour before workout and during 90 minutes after its completion.
  • Fight with night catabolism: complex shake or casein.

Healthy and Tasty

These people, who have to feed the muscles with protein mixes during long months, notice how sweet protein supplements are. To make it more pleasant, nutritionists recommend to mix fruits and vegetables in blender. You can also mix honey, nuts, cinnamon or balm lemon with one portion of the protein supplement.

Let us notice that these nice things add up the calories. This is not what people, which are losing weight, wish for. They should drink oatmeal shake, which equals to full meal. Complex contains carbs, some fats and double portion of protein.

Healthy breakfast should include:

  • Boiled oatmeal;
  • Cinnamon;
  • Apple;
  • Almonds;
  • 2 servings of protein;
  • Milk.

We just gave you one recipe. Each ingredient except of whey protein can be changed based on personal preferences.


Correct intake of whey protein at certain time of day is an excellent dietary strategy to increase the muscle growth and improve the strength markers. Strength training helps to achieve good result in healthy people.

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