How to quit drinking coffee

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Coffee is a great refreshing drink that allows you to wake up quickly, tone up and get an extra charge of energy. There are many kinds of this drink, everyone loves it for its pleasant taste, aroma, and positive impact on the body.

However, few people wonder whether it is really useful to drink espresso and what the abuse of this drink can lead to. That’s why the question how to quit drinking coffee becomes relevant only when a person notices that the deterioration of his health is directly related to the reception of this strong drink.

Why stop drinking coffee

How to quit drinking coffee

Many people note that they can’t start the day without a cup of aromatic delicious drink. Indeed, its composition includes a variety of trace elements and substances that combine to create a harmony of great taste and aroma. Grain contains such substances as a percentage:

  • up to 2.5% caffeine;
  • 2.5% glucose;
  • 4% of useful minerals;
  • 15% fat;
  • 15 % of nitrogen bases;
  • up to 50% carbohydrates;
  • the remaining 11% are proteins, tannins and other components.

Interesting! Caffeine, which is a part of the drink, gives it its original bitter taste while roasting grains. It doesn’t give colour or aroma, other substances are responsible.

The amount of caffeine may vary depending on the type and quality of caffeine. However, few people think that if you buy a drink with a high content, and often drink it during the day, you can do great harm to your health.

Caffeine has a stimulating effect on the central nervous system, so often using Americano, a person becomes dependent on it. Resid to quit drinking coffee will not be so easy anymore.

The effects of stopping the use of Americano:


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Can we just drop the coffee abruptly

Is it possible to drop coffee sharply Psychologists claim that the concept of love for Americano and coffee addiction are very different concepts. The dependence on an invigorating and fragrant drink can be safely talked about if you drink more than 6 cups every day.

Of course, any highly qualified doctor will confirm that you should definitely refuse from excessive use of Americano, latte, mochaccino. There are several common methods:

  • extreme failure method;
  • substituting method;
  • step failure;
  • psychological.

Tips for manyhow to quit drinking coffee is as follows: just stop buying it, don’t look for a replacement Americano and don’t use it. This method is considered to be an extreme one. The advantage of this method is a decisive way to change your lifestyle, a pleasant feeling of victory over your habits and simplicity of the method.

But the extreme way to stop using espresso has its disadvantages: within a few days you will feel a sense of weakness, lethargy and drowsiness. Unfortunately, most people have weak will power and insufficient motivation to keep their promises. So often the man who quit drinking espresso yesterday is drinking more than six cups again today.

Doctors point out that a sharp abandonment of one’s habit is fraught with serious consequences. First, a person immediately feels a lack of caffeine in the body, which affects his health. Second, as the frequent consumption of this drink is a caffeine addiction, there is a risk that in a few days you will again drink large quantities of strong coffee, even more than you had before you decided to quit.

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Few popular ways to stop caffeinated beverages

Ways of refusing coffeeSubstituting method allows you to replace the vigour drink in your diet with other more useful but delicious ones:

  • Caffeinated coffee is a drink suitable for people who find it difficult to break their taste habits;
  • green tea – tea has invigorating properties, excellent tone, but has a softer stimulating effect. It is better to choose quality sheet varieties without flavor additives for replacement;
  • Herb tea – you can replace caffeinated tea with medicinal tea from different herbal charges. It can have a relaxing and soothing effect on the central nervous system;
  • Cacao is a delicious chocolate drink that will give you pleasure and replace strong coffee.

This method is perfect for those who are ready to painlessly transfer the replacement of one drink to another.

The stepped method allows you to slowly reduce the number of cups you drink over a period of time. This method really works, because you give yourself the setting that you can’t refuse a cup of aromatic coffee, but reduce their number per day.

Emportant! Each day should be reduced by at least 25%

The disadvantages of this method are the high temptation of people to break the norm and drink much more than planned.

Psychological method is currently the most popular method of failure.

Talks the addict how to quit drinking coffee using this method, is to establish motivation, new rituals or needs that replace the desire to drink coffee, and the formation of new habits. This is the scheme that guarantees long-term and stable results.

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