L-Carnitine for Sportsmen: Dosage and Side Effects

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L-Carnitine for Sportsmen: Dosage and Side Effects

L-Carnitine is a substance which is produced by the human body. It is similar to B vitamins in terms of its composition and action. It is also called levocarnitine. Carnitine is not a vitamin as it does not enter the human body through food as it is synthesized in liver, muscles and kidneys. But this substance is not an amino acid. It is vitamin-like metabolite.

L-Carnitine Features

L-Carnitine has the following impact upon human body:

  • It oxidizes fatty acids;
  • It promotes the muscle growth due to its anabolic effect;
  • It removes harmful toxic substances from the organism cells;
  • It has positive impact upon excitatory system.

Fats also provide human body with energy along with carbs and proteins. Oxidation of fatty acids is done in mitochondria – parts of the body cells. Carnitine transforms fats into single stranded fatty acids and transports them to mitochondria, where the fats get broken down. L-carnitine promotes weight loss.

It is not clear why this substance has anabolic impact upon human body. Yet, it ensures stable muscle growth during regular workouts. This substance is a must to get for babies during the first year of their lives as this is a time when their organism is constantly evolving.

L-carnitine removes toxic substances from cells boosting metabolism. It positively affects metabolism. This is why sportsmen do not experience rough change in metabolism when they stabilize their weight.

Carnitine has similar composition to the one of the B vitamins, therefore it positively affects excitatory system. Nowadays this drug is being studied by pharmaceutical companies. In future, it will be used to treat serious neurological diseases. Efficiency of this substance has already been proven as professional sportsmen have successfully used carnitine for years.

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L-Carnitine: Dosage



It is necessary to remember that L-carnitine is metabolite, that is, substance, which is produced by the human body. So, one can’t really overdo it. Body gets and uses carnitine in correct amounts only, the rest is removed in usual way. Daily dose of healthy adult does not exceed 300mg. Body needs up to 1500mg of carnitine per day when one is aiming at weight loss or gain or is trying to fight sickness. To calculate daily dosage, individual features should be taken into account. It is not recommended to take carnitine all the time as there is a risk of developing withdrawal effect. Body may start to produce lesser amount of levocarnitine, and one will need to take drugs containing this substance on a regular basis. This supplement should be taken during short periods of time only with intervals in between them.

Carnitine Use

Adults often experience lack of this substance even though L-carnitine is produced by the human body. It can be also produced in industrial way. Many manufacturers offer carnitine in form of pills and powder. It is taken along with fat burners as it decreases its negative impact upon human body. It transforms fats into energy increasing the body endurance. Workouts bring great results and stamina levels increase. L-carnitine is used by slimmers and sportsmen who undergo intensive workouts in combination with healthy nutrition.

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