Let’s Have a Closer Look at Pre-Workout Supplements

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Let’s Have a Closer Look at Pre-Workout Supplements

Pre-workout supplements include different ingredients; they are used to improve sportsmen’s performance.

What do the pre-workout supplements contain?

Pre-workout supplements are divided in the following groups:

Mass pills;
Regenerating agents;

Adaptogens are the mass pills of the herbal origin. They do not have direct impact upon human body. Yet, they do have the side effects sportsmen are longing for such as CNS stimulation and tonic effect. Adaptogens are natural nontoxic substances. This category of the pre-workout supplements includes Schisandra chinensis, Eleutherococcus, maral root extracts and other substances of such kind. Pre-workout supplement usually includes about 10-20 or even sometimes up to 50 different ingredients. The most popular supplements include:

Arginine which boosts up muscle pumping ensuring increased histotrophic nutrition;
Caffeine or geranamine which are used to increase physical capacity;
BCAA is a branched–chain amino acid supplement used to ensure muscle growth and suppress catabolism. This is a very popular supplement among sportsmen doing muscle-strengthening exercises;
Taurine has restoring and stimulating impact upon human body;
β-Alanine restoring the muscular tissues.

Creatine is included in most of the pre-workout supplements as they create favorable conditions for ingestion of this substance.

Types of the Pre-Workout Supplements

Pre-workout supplements are divided in groups in accordance with the impact they have upon human body as follows:

Supplements which are used to get back to shape after intensive sports activities and to boost up the body mass growth;
Supplements which are used to boost up the energy level.

Supplements, which are used to ensure muscle pumping, are called as NOs since they contain arginine (nitrogen oxide). Another group of the pre-workout supplements includes caffeine-free mixes designed for the sportsmen who have genetic disposition to increase in blood pressure and are not able to use supplements containing caffeine.

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What Do the Pre-Workout Supplements Do?

Pre-Workout Supplements

Pre-workout supplements are used to ensure the following things:

To increase the oxygen supply to the muscular tissues;
To increase the energy level during frequent and long-lasting sports activities with large workload;
To increase the muscular tone;
To improve mental concentration and attention span;
To maintain the positive attitude;
To feed the muscular tissues.

How to Take the Pre-Workout Supplements

Pre-workout supplements should not be taken during days, which are free of sports activities, as the human body is not in a need for additional stimulation and nutrition by that time.


Pre-workout supplements include highly active ingredients. Mixes should not be used by:

Sportsmen which are under 21 years of age or are more than 40 years old due to presence of the neurostimulators in such supplements;
People that have vascular diseases or high blood pressure (apart of caffeine-free types of the supplements);
People that have intolerance toward such supplements or are allergic to some of their ingredients.

Possible Side Effects

There were reported cases related to onset of the diarrhea and other digestive issues during use of the pre-workout supplements. Headaches can also occur. However, they improve or vanish completely granted good hydration.

Hidden Danger of Use of the Pre-Workout Supplements

Healthy person should not use the pre-workout supplements. Manufacturers and sellers do not inform buyers of some effects such supplements have on human body.

Some highly active ingredients can suddenly evoke strong allergy even though the one was not allergic to any substances before.
Intensive alertness and overactive CNS functioning should be followed by resting period. Sportsmen are prone to being apathetic and tired in between training sessions, which are done alongside with the use of the pre-workout supplements. This is why it may be dangerous to drive car in these cases. Skills suffer as sportsmen are not able to concentrate properly.
Stimulating effect arising upon use of such supplements containing different substances is preventing one from getting the good night sleep and does not enable full regaining of power.
Intensive muscle pumping or growth is a short-term effect which does vanish as time goes by.
Human body gets easily used to the effect the ingredients of the pre-workout supplements have upon it. Dosage should be gradually increased to keep body in same state, and this is not safe choice when it comes to state of health.

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It is wise to keep in mind the following point of view: it is necessary to purchase and consume the corresponding supplements for feeding the muscles, boosting the energy and regaining the power all individually and not as a part of some multicomponent pre-workout supplement. Sportsman should get self-motivated and happy during sports activities and not vice versa.

How To Choose A Pre-Workout Supplement

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