Natural Remedies for Increasing Male Potency

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Natural Remedies for Increasing Male Potency

Nutrition is a critical factor which ensures healthy sexual life. Male potency can be affected by substances obtained during eating in positive and negative ways. It is important to stick with nutrition, which includes healthy foods which boost male potency.

Male potency («potentia» is translated from Latin as an opportunity) is a physiological and psychological ability of man to have a sexual intercourse. It depends on with what speed erection occurs and for how long it stays. Duration of intercourse does matter as well. Ejaculation occurs when man wishes so or circumstances are favorable for that matter.

Male potency is affected by emotional state, presence of diseases, physical activity, self-control, and bad habits. Enhanced production of testosterone favors relaxation, victory in a brawl, a joyful event, full mental comfort in relationship with sexual partner. Male potency can be negatively affected by stress, interpersonal conflicts, and overexertion at work.

Irregular sexual life is harmful if man is not young anymore. Partners grow cold towards each other. Young men, who do not have a regular intercourse with women, have an enhanced potency (after demobilization or travelling through sparsely populated areas). Regular sex is good as it helps men to get into habit of having it. Body, which is experiencing excitement, gets ready to full sexual intercourse and ultimate pleasure.

Running, walking and cycling helps to improve blood flow in pelvic organs, which positively affects erection. Excessive exercise is undesirable before the «night of love».

National Dishes for Boosting Male Potency

People from Siberia and the Far East use the ginseng tincture to treat different sexual disorders. This tincture has a complex toning effect on the human body; it normalizes blood pressure and helps to fight depression while having a very low toxicity. It also enhances libido and feelings during sexual intercourse.

The vessels dilate and it results in improved blood flow to the genitals, which in turn has a beneficial effect on erection. The ginseng roots have been always very much valued. Their growing locations were kept in secret and collection of roots was accompanied by magical rites.

Japanese wasabi is a very valuable product, which is used to return and maintain male potency.

In China, the most powerful means to enhance potency is a dog meat dressed with a turtle blood and vegetable oil.

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Nomadic people such as Bedouins and Mongols used a sun-dried camel stomach to boost the male potency. A piece of a size of a pea was always consumed before sexual intercourse.

The Russian cuisine of 18th and 19th centuries favored a «men’s soup». Broth was made from meat and bones along with root vegetables such as carrots, turnips, onions. Preparation time was 30 minutes. The plate was containing crushed leaves of a fresh dandelion and nettle complemented with cooked broth served with sour cream on a side.

Indians favor aphrodisiac which is made from roasted sesame seeds and honey while people of Transcaucasia prefer to use products made from sour milk and residents of Central Asia favor pistachios.

Foods to Increase Potency

Foods Increasing Potency

Foods Increasing Potency

Good eating habits invigorate the body and help to maintain overall reproductive health increasing the potency. Rational distribution of meals and well-elaborated menu help the one to escape weight-related problems, and receive well-balanced amount of required nutrients, which are favorable for maintaining a healthy sexual life.

Have a healthy breakfast consisting from foods that give energy such as: protein (fried or scrambled eggs), fast and slow carbs such as cereals or pastries. Have a piece of cake in the morning and don’t worry about your weight.

Lunch should consist of protein and fiber. Soups, meat or fish dishes with a side dish made from grains or vegetables or salads will do just fine in this case.

Choose appropriate foods for a dinner, which are easily absorbed. Have your meal two hours before planned sexual intercourse. This is a period of time which is enough for the food to digest and reproductive organs to get a supply of required nutritional substances.

  • Eggs are rich in animal protein, fatty acids and vitamins А, Е, В6.
  • Lean meat contains iron and lysine, it helps to boost energy exchange and sexual power. It also has an exciting smell and taste when cooked.
  • Fish and seafood contain fatty unsaturated acids Omega-3 and Omega-6, which take part in testosterone production.
  • Nuts contain arginine, which improves blood circulation and increases erection.
  • Parsley, coriander and spinach contain androsteron. It helps to inhibit production of female hormones in male body.
  • Garlic and onion help to prevent prostatitis and inflammatory diseases of urinary system as well as increase stress-related resistances and boost male vigor and sperm production, and increase blood circulation.
  • Milk and dairy products are rich in calcium, zinc, magnesium, selenium, B vitamins which increase conductivity of the nervous system impulses. Fermented baked milk, sour milk and cottage cheese are easily digested, their daily consumption does not overload digestive system and has a beneficial effect on male reproductive function.
  • Fruits used as snacks throughout the day are good for male potency. Kiwi increase testosterone production; bananas increase endurance and improve mood as well as boost sexual self-esteem. Citrus fruits are good to have for prevention of inflammatory processes of the urogenital system, they also boost immunity. Apricots have a positive effect on libido and duration of intercourse.
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Main Enemies of Male Potency

Nicotine is main enemy of male potency

Nicotine is main enemy of male potency

  • Meat of animals, who are grown with use of hormones to boost their weight gain.
  • Nicotine causes spasms of small blood vessels which provide reproductive organs with blood flow.
  • Coffee negatively affects male potency. Caffeine kills free testosterone.
  • Consumed in moderation, alcohol is good for potency as it helps reduce stress and relax. However, consumed regularly, it accumulates in the body and can overload liver slowing down production of male sex hormones. Beer contains phytoestrogens which are female sex hormones. Body becomes fat and man, who consumes beer regularly, gets a fat belly and female-like looking chest, blood supply to tissues and organs worsens, and pelvis gets large.
  • Men with sweet tooth should lower sugar consumption up to 50 g per day. Excessive amount of glucose in male body harms erection.

Healthy foods, which increase male potency, help men to stay fit and have a normal sexual life. Single consumption of natural aphrodisiacs such as hot chocolate, nuts with honey or oysters before sexual intercourse will give a short-term positive effect. To get a steady positive result, one should start eating healthy foods, do some exercises and minimize stress as well as get rid of bad habits.


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