Melatonin: BAA for Sportsmen

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Melatonin: BAA for Sportsmen

Melatonin is the BAA which is most frequently used by the sportsmen. Active substance of this BAA is a part of sports nutrition. Melatonin has integral effect on the human body.

Origin of Melatonin

Melatonin is hormone, which is produced in brain by the pineal gland. Production intensity depends on the following factors:

  • Age (melatonin is produced in smaller amounts in children);
  • Intensity and time of exposure to natural or artificial light. Human body gets lesser amount of melatonin at excessive exposure to light. Therefore, one should sleep in the dark place to ensure stimulation of natural production of this hormone;
  • Time of day as 70% of this hormone is produced during the nighttime.

Produced melatonin is delivered through the blood by means of albumin. Blood contains up to 30 times more of melatonin at 2 am than during day time. Adult produces 30 mcg of melatonin per day.


Melatonin Restores the Sleep Cycles

It is wrong to consider melatonin as a sleeping aid. It acts in another way regulating functioning periodicity of the human body. We all have to effortlessly fall asleep in time in order to get sufficient rest and wake up refreshed in the morning.

Weight Loss

Human body contains two kinds of the adipose tissues: useful and harmful or beige and white ones, which have different content and structure. White or harmful adipose tissues further accumulation of fat. They cause weight gain and formation of the fatty tissues. Beige or useful adipose tissues control weight and burn calories cleansing body from the white adipose tissues.

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Melatonin takes part in biochemical formation of the beige adipose tissues, therefore it is used to normalize weight. Compared to toxic chemical drugs, this BAA restores natural regulation without disturbing the balance our body is in. To manage weight, melatonin should be used along with calcium.

Great Antioxidant

Antioxidative effect helps to slow down ageing of the body tissues. Sportsmen care a great deal about their joints. This is why it is so important to take melatonin during weight training. Melatonin decreases amount of free radicals, which form during intensive workouts. This BAA brings the oxidative stress down to the minimum.

Melatonin is BAA for Sportsmen

Adaptation during Rough Change of the Time Zone

Sportsmen, which take part in competitions, should use melatonin. This BAA should also be taken when changing the time zone during vacation. BAA furthers adaptation and keeps one aware and awake during the first days after flight.

Additional Effects

Melatonin intake results in the following things:

  • It helps to maintain mental poise during emotional distress;
  • It helps to ensure proper functioning of the endocrine glands and good blood pressure;
  • It restores and strengthens the immune system.

Melatonin is also used by the doctors as an antineoplastic means.

Melatonin in Foods

Melatonin can be found in the bodies of the animals, arthropods, worms etc. Melatonin is also produced in some plants like rice. However, one can’t get sufficient amount of the melatonin from foods despite of high content of this hormone in plants and animals. BAA contains hormone, which is adjusted to be properly absorbed by the human body.

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Side Effects

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not take melatonin because of small children produce melatonin in great amounts. Intolerance of this BAA is known, but rare.

Melatonin is not toxic substance, therefore one can’t really overdose on melatonin. If taken too much, melatonin can cause slight dizziness, sleepiness and headache, which all quickly go away once the one stops to take melatonin.

What is melatonin? (video)

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