Myth: “Eating after 6 pm is bad for you”

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Myth: “Eating after 6 pm is bad for you”

Different diet followers are all preaching us about the harm eating after 6 pm might cause. They insist that this is the only way to go for people who dream of losing weight. If you strongly believe in that nonsense, then you are just about to find out how wrong this statement is. Human body induces special metabolic processes during night rest. They are the ones that make people to gain or lose weight. Let us consider this issue in more details and think about what kind of things should be preferred or avoided to reach or keep our target weight.

Mechanism of Night Metabolism

Morning and day times are good for working and sports activities as metabolic rate is at its highest point. This is why human body gets its dose of a ”fuel” in a form of nutrients right at this time of day. We recommend to adhere the following principle: «have a breakfast, brunch, lunch, and the afternoon snack». Eating like that, you will cover up three fourths of energy amount your body needs to go through the day. Endocrine glands will thank you for that later on. This is because they «crave» for carbs in the morning in order to «throw» insulin in the metabolic processes. Then human body also is in a need of proteins and fats. The most important thing is to know in which order the things should be done as well as to be well aware of things going on inside of one’s body.

Let pancreas make hormones from carbs, fats and proteins during morning and day times to cover the energy spent. Then pancreas has to get some rest. In the night, pancreas should rest and let pituitary gland to take care of metabolic processes. This gland ensures production of the growth hormone, and, thus, proper children’s growth. Growth hormone modifies in adults and starts to attack the fats, that is, the places of their accumulation. This hormone also breaks the fats down. But this is not only thing the pituitary gland is capable of! Apart from boosting the metabolism during the night rest, this gland positively impacts the immune system, brain activity, state of the blood vessels and digestion.

If you decided to stop eating at some definite time of the day, then you might as well be without food for 14 hours in a row. Human body starts to see this situation as a stressful one and decides to store some nutrients “for later use”. In this case, they become fat and slow the metabolic rate down. Nutritionists recommend to have dinner 3 hours before bed time to ensure proper digestion of the food. People are different – some like to eat very late at about 10 pm and do not gain any weight. Some people need to have a dinner at about 7 pm, that is, by the time they are back from work. Youngsters with very fast metabolic rate can have a dinner 2 hours before the bed time.

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This approach works out only if one stays strong and doesn’t get tempted by some late night snack containing carbs and fats. Heavy dinner eaten very late will evoke the insulin production. In this case, the growth hormone will not be produced. Fats will accumulate, digestive tract will be overloaded with food and people may suffer from the inflammation of gall bladder or pancreas later on.

What to Have for Dinner and How to Lose Weight?

eating to 18 hours

The concept of healthy eating to 18 hours

Now we know that we should have a dinner do not be stressed and feel uncomfortable. GHEs recommend to exclude the fast carbs from the daily menu. They are the following:

Meat dumplings;
Cookies, candies and chocolate.

The abovementioned carbs can be safely consumed during breakfast and lunch while it is better to have some curd or butter milk for dinner. Cooked eggs or steamed omelets along with greens are good choice to go with for a dinner, as well. Make sure to have some citrus fruits or sour apples for dinner and leave bananas, mango and peaches for breakfast or lunch times. Digestion speed will increase if you put food into small chunks and boil vegetables. Nutritionists recommend to have some smoothie for a dinner. You can easily blend fruits up along with some curd or sour milk in your blender. Thick drink is a very healthy food for the human body.

Nutritionists still argue whether meat and fish are healthy things to have for dinner. They all think that non-fat boiled meat with some steamed greens is the best option to go with. Such a dinner covers 20% of daily dose of nutrients the human body has a need for. So, we do not recommend you to skip your dinner.

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Benefits of Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast should contain half of nutrients one needs for a whole day. The person who just woke up is not able to consume large meal at once. This is why it is wise option to have a breakfast and brunch. We can also have some nice treats in the evenings sometimes. The first thing to do in the morning is to have glass of water. Then one can start having breakfast in a half an hour from that. For the breakfast, it is wise to go with the following options:

Porridge with butter (buckwheat, oatmeal or rice porridges will do the trick). Porridge is an excellent source of the carbs which provide human body with the morning energy. Carbs break down slowly filling the body step by step. Muesli with milk will be as effective to have.
Sandwich with cheese, meat or ham are great to have for a breakfast. And so is the omelet with bacon. They provide human body with protein. Having breakfast like that, you will be easily ready to walk to the gym, swimming pool or work.
Coffee, green tea with marmalade or chocolate are excellent sources of the endorphin. Once gotten the hormone of happiness, you will be ready to manage any kind of situation.
Vegetables and fruits can be consumed in any amounts. However, nutritionists recommend to consume bananas as a day snack.

Unlimited Lunch Menu

Nutritionists got kind, they let us eat everything during midday as long as its nutritional value does not exceed 30% of daily caloric value. Favorite dishes are better to eat during two eating occasions in order do not mix up proteins with carbs. Have a banana and glass of juice to complete your midday eating routine and, thus, get four meals by this time of day. Well balanced dinner will boost up metabolism during night rest. These are simple rules which should be followed instead of ”not eating after 6 pm” to help the one to maintain healthy weight.

Get some walk, do some sport, have a positive attitude and some swim. You will be lean and healthy and won’t ever need to watch a clock!

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