Nuts: Health Benefits and Nutrition Facts

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Nuts: Health Benefits and Nutrition Facts

Bodybuilders, fitness lovers and healthy eaters like to eat nuts. Consuming nuts, one can gain muscle mass and get useful lipids and microelements.

Research results published in British Journal of Nutrition in 2006 have shown that regular consumption of nuts lowers likelihood of development of Coronary artery disease. In 2016, doctors from Brigham and Women’s Hospital located in Boston conducted a series of experiments and found out that nuts help to treat cardio and metabolic issues such as heart diseases and diabetes mellitus.

A range of clinical research confirms that almond, walnuts and some other nuts lower cholesterol levels. The kernels of nuts contain polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6, which have significant impact upon skin, kidney and ensure normal body height.

JAMA Internal Medicine published quite interesting results in 2001. Researchers stated that regular consumption of nuts increases life span by 2 to 3 years. However, other factors should be considered as well. It is possible that person consuming peanuts and hazelnuts rather is going heavy with «empty» calories.

Finally, nuts have low GI. This is why nutritionists think that diabetic people should consume nuts.

The Top Five Nuts to Eat




Walnut is rich in vitamins А, Е, В, РР and С. This is the healthiest nut with hard shell. Kernel of this nut resembles brain in its shape hinting about its health benefits when it comes to brain. Students and people engaged in intellectual pursuits should consume walnuts.

This type of nuts is also good for sportsmen as they improve functioning of heart and liver and relieve stress as well as ensure good connection between central excitatory system and muscles. The latter means that sportsmen are better able to work with weights.

Walnuts are rich in magnesium, potassium, sodium, cobalt and iodine. They also contain phosphorus which ensures normal neurons production and mental activity. Walnut protects from radiation and stimulates melatonin production as well as ensures good night sleep.


Almond contains 18,6 % of protein and minimum number of carbs (< 17 %). These things make it indispensable for people with endocrine diseases. Thanks to great proteins and fats ratio, it quickly inhibits ghrelin production. Ghrelin is a peptide hormone, which evokes hunger. This is why small amounts of almonds are good to have to manage appetite.

Almonds are rich in vitamin Е that positively affects epithelial tissues. It contains five main microelements such as:

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– Magnesium;

– Calcium;

– Potassium;

– Zinc;

– Iron.

Almonds are used in Chinese medicine as a means with tonic and anti-inflammatory properties and muscle relaxants. It is also good for people who do not absorb calcium from milk products.


Peanuts are widely thought to be nuts, but they are seeds from the pea family. They contain vitamins В1, В2, В9, РР and С as well as such the microelements as sodium, magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium and phosphorus.

American bodybuilders love peanut butter. They consume it in large amounts like eggs or chicken breast. This is because peanut butter contains a lot of protein which is required to gain muscle mass. This product is considered as a dietary one in USA and Canada. However, stores sell peanut butter enriched with sugar and vegetable oil, which contain saturated fats and simple carbs. It is not so good for health, therefore you should look for organic and additional ingredients free paste.

Peanuts have certain health benefits as follows:

– They prevent early ageing;

– They prevent development of cancerous cells;

– They are used to prevent development of the heart diseases.

Pine Nuts

Conifer cones contain small seeds in hard shell. They are very rich in the following substances:

– Vitamin D, which strengthens teeth and bones;

– Vitamin К, which ensures proper heart functioning;

– Vitamin Е, which is antioxidant that fights free radicals and slows ageing processes;

– Vitamins А and С, which ensure good vision and boost the immune system.

Pine nuts also contain phosphorus, manganese, copper, iodine and cobalt.

Pine nuts are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids including linoleic acid. It ensures normal water and hormonal balance and forming of new cells as well as removal of the old substances from the human body.

Pine nuts also contain zinc which increases sexual vigor and libido.


Hazelnuts are rich in vitamins В including В1, В2, В3, В5, and В6. They ensure proper functioning of excitatory and digestive systems and restore damaged parts of DNA. They are also rich in folic acid or vitamin В9: 100 g of hazelnuts contains 113 mcg of folic acid. This amount of folic acid comprises 28 % of recommended daily dose.

This nut is considered to be the most “fatty” one: it comprises 66,9 % of lipids. However, they are very good for human body. Hazelnuts are rich in potassium, iron and cobalt. They should be consumed to prevent development of atherosclerosis and treat high blood pressure. Eastern doctors think that hazelnuts help to break kidney stones.

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Energy Value of Nuts



Nuts, seeds and some beans like peanuts have high energy value. They contain from 45 up to 65 % of fats (averaged value). It means that you will get 45 to 65 g of fats consuming 100 g of nuts. It may seem that sportsmen should not consume nuts during shredding and women should also not go heavy on nuts. However, don’t make hasty conclusions!

Nutritionists seem to include nuts to healthy menu. And people, who consume nuts, look lean and fit. The thing is that nuts contain healthy fats and some of them are essential for human body. They also keep the one feeling full, and, thus, prevent overeating.

Nuts have a great deal of good properties. However, don’t really go heavy on them. Average person should consume about 30 to 40 grams of nuts while sportsmen can consume up to 60 grams of nuts.

If you are on certain diet and stick to carefully planned menu, then the table containing the energy value of certain nuts is just what you need. Please check it out.

Nuts Energy Value Proteins per 100 g of product Fats per 100 g of product Carbs per 100 g of product
Pine nuts 673 kcal 11,6 g 61,0 g 19,3 g
Walnuts 656 kcal 16,2 g 60,8 g 11,1 g
Cashew nuts 643 kcal 25,4 g 54,1 g 13,2 g
Almonds 645 kcal 18,6 g 57,7 g 16,6 g
Hazelnuts 706 kcal 16,1 g 66,9 g 9,9 g
Brazil nuts 656 kcal 14,3 g 66,4 g 12,3 g
Pistachio nuts 557 kcal 20,6 g 44,4 g 17,7 g

Let us provide you with number of kernels per 100 kcal for certain nuts:

– 14 kernels of almonds;

– 17 kernels of peanuts;

– 30 kernels for pistachio nuts;

– 77 kernels for pine nuts;

– 10 kernels for pine nuts;

– 3 kernels for Brazil nuts;

– 10 kernels for walnuts.

Nuts are great for your body and muscles. Eat healthy and be well!

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