Starch-Free Diet for Weight Loss

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Starch-Free Diet for Weight Loss

Starch-free diet implies refusal to consume the products containing starch and restricted protein consumption. This is why such a dietary regimen is considered as a rough one, and one should consult doctor prior commencing such dieting process.

Let us first find out in what ways starch affects the human body and why restricted starch consumption results in weight loss. Let us also discuss disadvantages of starch-free dietary regimen.

Starch Effects on Human Body

Starch-Free Diet

Referring to the starch as a nutritional element, we should consider two types of starch.

Natural starch is healthy and necessary for human body. It is transformed to glucose and serves as a source of energy. Products containing starch should be combined with fats to ensure their proper digestion. It is not recommended to consume starch along with proteins as alkali is needed to break down those. In this case, metabolism is happening in such a way that fat deposits form even at the cellular level. Granted moderate starch consumption and correct combination of the products in dietary regimen, this substance neither causes any harm nor promotes weight gain.

Refined starch negatively affects human body. It is found in the very fine white flour. Such a starch causes obesity, hormonal misbalance, atherosclerosis etc.

The Starch Content of Foods

Choosing starch-free diet, people should stop eating pastries and pasta. Vegetables and fruits contain starch, therefore they seem to be easily digested. Yet they should be excluded from menu.

Potatoes contain about 15-18% of starch, bananas contain up to 16% of starch. Starch content of some vegetables and fruits varies depending on their maturity degree, timing, storage conditions etc.

  • Overripe beans and green pea contain a greater amount of starch than young ones which contain a very little amount of starch only.
  • Winter pears and apples contain up to 5% of starch when raw and up to 1,5-2% when overripe.
  • Starch is also found in pumpkin at the ripening stage as well as at the beginning stages of storing process. This substance disappears with time.
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Starch-Free Diet Recommendations

Some experts recommend to follow this diet for 12-14 days, but doctors advise to adhere to starch-free diet for one week only.

Adherence to this diet results in loss of about 4-8kg (everything depends on a person). To achieve good result, one should remember to go low with proteins.

One should drink still water of about 2l per day. One can repeat starch-free dieting in 2 months.

List of products recommended for consumption during starch-free dieting is provided below:

  • Vegetables and fruits;
  • Vegetable or olive oil;
  • Seafood;
  • Eggs;
  • Steamed, boiled or grilled lean meat, fish and poultry;
  • Sun-dried fruits;
  • Sour milk products and fat-free cheese, seeds and nuts.

List of products, which should not be consumed during starch-free dieting, is provided below:

  • Bread and pastry;
  • Pasta and grains;
  • Potatoes, bananas and other fruits and vegetables rich in starch;
  • Sugar;
  • Alcohol (dry wine is allowed);
  • Ketchup, mayo, vinegar.

Salt should be consumed in low amounts.

Starch-free diet does not differ much from other diets which are low in calories. Slimmers can eat recommended products in any amounts, therefore this dietary regimen is relatively comfortable and keeps one always full. It is also wise to complement dieting with physical exercises doing them three times per week for one hour each in order to further weight loss.

Nutritionists recommend to have a light dinner 3 hours before bedtime.

Disadvantages of Starch-Free Diet

Main disadvantage of starch-free diet is a need to restrict consumption of proteins since protein deficiency results in irreversible pathological states. Becoming deficient in proteins, human body starts to use proteins from the blood serum or liver. This is why such a dietary regimen should be followed on a short-term basis only.

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If starch deficiency during dieting results in tiredness due to insufficient glucose synthesis, doctors recommend to choose another diet for weight loss to follow to. It is noteworthy that healthy stomach is a must when one decides to follow starch-free diet.

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