The Dukan Diet

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The Dukan Diet

French nutritionist Pierre Dukan invented comfortable way to lose weight. The method is all about eating unlimited amount of the proteins. People, which want to lose some weight, can consume the proteins to get some energy, and have some little carbs then, as well. Veggies and fruits, which usually are «stars» of the diet, take a back seat in this one. In this way, people do not feel hungry all the time and shed extra kilos sticking to the following principles: Attack, Cruise, Control, Support.

Four Steps of the Protein Diet

The Dukan Diet can yield a successful result if one goes special «way», which implies four stages:

  • The Attack phase starts from the first days of the protein diet. This period lasts 3 – 10 days, and body should get the proteins only during this time. One can eat meat, fish, fat-free milk products. It is very important to calculate correctly the duration of this stage. If you wish to lose 5kg, then the attack phase should last up to three days; 10kg implies one-week attack; 20-25 requires 10 days of the attack phase. The protein «load» changes the metabolism. Protein is digested during three hours. At this time, you won’t feel hungry. At this stage, one cannot consume carbs and fats as well as veggies and fruits. One can eat onion, garlic and lemons, though. Meat and sea products should be grilled with pinch of salt added. Some people feel easily tired when adhering to this protein diet. This is why they should not do some intensive workouts, but they can walk and do some slight exercises instead. People should strictly stick to this diet. No any breakdowns will do. Get stronger and try to increase your motivation.
  • Cruise stage implies change of the dietary regimen. Weight is harder to lose at this time than during the attack phase. French nutritionist recommends to alternate the protein days with the protein and carb ones following this ratio: 1:1 or 2:2. One should alternate 5 protein days with 5 protein and vegetable days only in cases when it is necessary to lose above 20kg of weight. This time, one should add up veggies to the dietary regimen. The Dukan diet allows to consume 28 vegetables. Stick with cabbage, carrots, beet root, cucumbers and tomatoes. Starchy vegetables are no go. At this stage, nutritionist recommends to gradually add up low fat cheese, soy sauce and sugar substitute products into the diet. Dress your salads with butter milk and yogurt. Say goodbye to mayo and smetana.
  • Weight control. The duration of this stage equals to an amount of kilograms you have managed to lose at the attack and cruise stages. Each lost kilo is fortified during 10 days. If you lost 5 kilos, then be prepared to have 50-days long control and fortification of newly adopted dietary habits. Body will want to get back lost kilos. One might feel hungry, weak, and his metabolism slows down. You should have one protein day per week, the rest part of week should be filled with fats, grains, pasta, potatoes and honey. Introduce new meat products to your protein Dukan diet such as a pestle of pork, ham, and pork stew. Dukan wants us to have «culinary feast» filled with favorite products and glass of wine and dessert. But do not celebrate more than two times per week and keep your portions small. The purpose of meal is to make the body happy eating different stuff and enjoy its taste.
  • Weight support or stabilization stage is conclusive stage of this protein diet which aims at losing weight. By this time, you probably have your desirable weight and start eating normally having only one protein day per week. To stay fit, do not eat much and stay away from fruits which are rich in calories. Start to exercise and you will feel well again.
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Rules for the Four Stages

The Dukan Diet

Nutritionist should pay attention to the way you drink: 2 liters of still water per day will do the trick. Increase this amount during exercises. Add the spoon of the oat bran to your food. We advise you to make some cookies or porridge with bran using skimmed milk.

Consume not more than 2 grams of salt per day. If you start having acetone smell coming you’re your mouth, then stop following the protein diet and eat some carbs. Do not forget to take necessary vitamins and walk at least half an hour per day while sticking to the Dukan diet.

Keeping Healthy Foods in Fridge

Diversify your daily menu while sticking to the Dukan diet, enjoy your food. Dukan lets us have one hundred products, 72 of which contain the protein. Do not consume sugar and animal fats. Nutritionist suggests that we fill our fridge with healthy products only. They are:

  • Meat;
  • Fish;
  • Sea products;
  • Eggs;
  • Bird meat;
  • Ham;
  • Low-fat milk products;
  • Tofu cheese;
  • Greens.


Protein food consumption is contraindicated for people which have sick kidneys and heart rhythm-related issues. Doctors recommend people do not stick to the pure Dukan diet. Incorporate its separate approaches to your daily regimen following the way you feel. If you start feeling worse, then start to eat carbs.

Sticking to the rules elaborated by Dukan, you won’t gain your weight back. According to feedback provided by people who try to lose weight sticking to the Dukan diet, it really works. And, fixing the result, you will be able to maintain healthy weight.

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The Dukan Diet (video)

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