The Ways to Get Rid of a Hangover

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Hangover is a way the human body reacts to the consumption of ethanol. The more ethanol you consume, the harder body must fight to overcome unpleasant consequences. Hangover is so widespread phenomenon that biochemists from Europe, USA and Asia keep doing research on this subject to facilitate state of drinking people and toxicologists. There is no wonderful means to heal hangover, but doctors established a list of drinks and foods which can ease up a hangover. Hangover eases up with time, but there is no mean and there is not going to be found the one to stop this state.

First, alcohol affects brain cells causing irreversible damage. Liver is getting damaged, too. Next, all the important organs get damaged. Means against hangover just ease up destructive impact alcohol drinks have on human body.

The good thing is that a person can independently calculate «hangover free» dose of alcohol amount he can safely consume and stick with it.

Hangover Remedies

Wise alcohol consumption prevents hangover. Biochemists invented the formula which enables calculation of safe amount of alcohol per kilogram of body weight. This amount comprises 4 ml of vodka. Subtle woman with a weight of about 50 kg can safely consume up to 75 ml of pure ethanol or 150-170 grams of vodka. Calculation implies single consumption of a drink. Party of many hours leads to increase of this dose: 250 ml is a maximum amount, which should be consumed during 5 to 6 hours of partying.

Athlete can avoid hangover consuming up to 250 g of vodka only during party. Partying dose of consumed alcohol should not exceed 350 g. This is an amount of alcohol, which can be safely consumed by healthy people not more than twice a month.

Moderate alcohol consumption is the only way to prevent hangover. Quality of snacks and other drinks consumed along with alcohol does not prevent hangover. Scientists considered a toxicity factor when calculation a safe amount of alcohol for the liver cells to be consumed. It comprises 90 ml of pure ethanol or a table glass of vodka.

People promoting «healthy drinking» developed a set of rules which helps to prevent hangover and does not cause irreversible damages to body:

  • Do not drink after sleepless night.
  • One snort of not more than 70 ml is enough to relieve a strong stress.
  • Do not smoke and drink only once per every half an hour. Drinking can be alternated with dancing and other activities.
  • Mind an appetizer: «starting» dose of alcohol, that is, 50 g can be consumed couple of hours before main event.
  • Do not mix strong and light drinks.
  • Avoid fatty and heavy appetizers.
  • Do not consume alcohol along with fizzy drinks.
  • «Get friendly» with lemon juice, citric and succinic acid as they boost metabolism.
  • Do not combine medicines and alcohol.

Remember that alcoholic intoxication occurs an hour or an hour and a half after alcohol consumption.

Negative Impact of Alcohol on the Human Body



The human body treats alcohol as a poison trying to remove it by splitting the molecules. Liver cells produce enzymes which convert ethanol to acetaldehyde. The chemical reactions convert ethanol to an acetate or salts of acetic acid. They are responsible for severity extent of a hangover from a biochemical point of view. Immune system is involved into this process, as well. Leucocytes lose their antibacterial properties and do not resist infection.

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Pancreas, kidneys, lungs, gastrointestinal tract and skin, which undergo damage, recover faster than brain and liver. These internal organs just need some rest. One should not consume alcohol during decade and stick with «safety norms» on this matter.

People also experience guilt during hangover. Emotional withdrawal reinforces the following painful symptoms:

  • High blood pressure;
  • Respiratory distress;
  • Stomach cramps;
  • Heart palpitations.

Toxicologists have noticed that consumption of a distillate such as whiskey, brandy, or a hooch intensifies hangover. They have studied the chemical composition of the beverages which underwent fermentation and distillation. It turned out that components, which impart flavor and color in strong drinks, increase symptoms of a hangover. So, the darker is the drink, the bitter are consequences. Narcologists developed a rating of the drinks ranging from more to less dangerous ones:

  • Whiskey.
  • Cognac.
  • Wine.
  • Beer
  • Vodka
  • Spirit with citrus juice.

It is noteworthy that American professor R. Stevens came to conclusion that young people suffer from a hangover by seven times stronger than 60 years old adults. The reason is simple: young people still learn from their own mistakes when experimenting with strong drinks. Older people know well what they should expect next morning to happen if they go heavy on alcohol, therefore they consume alcohol in moderation and keep breaks in between. They also take 30 to 35 grams of vodka two hours before a party.

How to Get Rid of a Hangover

Majority of people suffers from a hangover in case of not taking preventive measures. But scientists have also identified people who do not suffer from a hangover despite of frequent alcohol consumption. There are quite many such people of about 20 to 23%. Scientists were not able to find out why it happens so. They think that overall state of health and genes play part in this matter.

The rest of people suffers from a hangover. They are looking for means to ease up symptoms of a hangover. But there are no bulletproof ways to manage this unfortunate condition. So, people stick with tried-and-true advices.

Seasoned people recommend to take activated charcoal after party in an amount of one pill per kilogram of the body weight. One should complement these pills with a succinic acid, which will boost metabolism. Taking a stroll in the fresh air for at least an hour and going to sleep in a cool room should be helpful, too.

If you still experience a very strong hangover in the morning, then you should get to a doctor. Don’t try to drink much fluids. In fact, you are not dehydrated as all the consumed alcohol retains in the tissues, hence swelling takes a place. It is necessary to redistribute the liquid using soft diuretics such as a green tea, coffee or mineral water. Let’s say that one glass of a pickled juice will accelerate the process of saturation of the cells with fluids. Take a contrast shower, which will remove the breakdown products of toxic substances from your body.

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Chinese scientists from the Sun Yat-sen University explored different drinks such as a tea, herbal infusions and soda and have experimentally found out that the drink called Sprite is better in coping with a hangover than other drinks. The composition of soda leads to early breakdown of antidiuretic hormone – ADH. Alcohol «dissolves» in released volume of fluids and «leaves» suffering body.

Toxicologist recommend to relieve inflammatory processes by means of the aspirin. You should dissolve one pill of aspirin in water. Non-steroidal drugs, which contain ibuprofen, are also effective in prevention of a hangover. Paracetamol is out of question as it negatively impacts liver, which gets damaged during party.

Practicing physicians prohibit consumption of fatty snacks after alcohol. It does not impair the effect of alcohol and prolongs its action resulting in a heavy hangover. For the same reason, it is not recommended to consume a heavy meal next morning. The stomach and intestines filter blood and consumption of heavy meals interferes with this cleaning process. A light breakfast, freshly squeezed citrus juice, bananas will get you back to life faster than foods, which are rich in proteins, will do. Replace proteins with sour milk products during the next two days to help the body get rid of harmful bacteria.

Body keeps removing toxic substances the next day after alcohol consumption. It removes these substances through the following internal organs:

  • Kidneys;
  • Lungs;
  • Sweat glands.

You can help body with this issue. Use organic diuretics, make some exercising, get a massage or enjoy sauna in moderation — these are the ways to prevent a heavy hangover.


If you are about to consume alcohol, get ready to it.

  • Have a small drink before a party.
  • Do not go heavy with it. Drink it slowly.
  • Do not go heavy on fatty meat with starchy snacks. Substitute heavy meals with a rice with fish.
  • Do not mix alcoholic beverages. Do not drink vodka with bear. Men should favor vodka with lemon, orange or grapefruit juice. Women should prefer dry white wine. Red wine will cause headache next morning. Remember the rule: the lighter is drink, the easier is hangover.
  • Help your liver to fight toxins: take 5 to 6 pills of activated charcoal, 2 pills of succinic acid and digestive enzymes such as mezym and creon.
  • Do not treat hangover with alcoholic beverages. Shot of vodka or a glass of bear won’t make you feel any better. They will just harm your liver, heart and blood vessels. Hangover will get worse.

If person goes heavy on alcohol, he should try to throw it up. 2-3 drops of ammonia dissolved in a glass of water will do the trick. Aspirin and absorbents will ease up this situation. Fresh air will instantly sober one up.

Remember that there is no single recipe to fight a hangover. There are common principles which can help to ease this state. Hangover remedies differ and should be individually adjusted.

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