The Ways to Have a Balanced Diet

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The Ways to Have a Balanced Diet

Health, longevity, and active going depend on healthy nutrition. Sometimes people deprive themselves in certain foods consuming the proteins only and avoiding the fats. Such an approach to daily regimen is considered to be an extreme measure which is undertaken to prepare for sports competitions. Then usually human body is ready to start eating healthy again as it is the way it should be.

The Key to Rational Nutrition

Balanced Nutrition

Balanced Nutrition

Nutritionists use several formulae related to rational nutrition, which are based on amounts of energy sources the human body gets with food such as:

  • Carbs;
  • Proteins;
  • Fats.

Fats and proteins ratio should be designated for one. One should consume four times more carbs than fats and proteins. This principle is so-called «triple plate», which is conditionally divided to three equal sectors. Carbs take two thirds of it while proteins and fats share the rest.

Endocrinologists do not agree with such a formula as carbs ensure insulin production. Excessive insulin production results in formation of the fat deposits. It does not serve as a source of energy for the human body. This is why they suggest different averaged formula, which should be used to ensure balanced nutrition:

  • Daily menu should include about 35% of carbs.
  • Serving as a building materials, proteins should comprise about 35% of daily menu, as well.
  • Fats should comprise 30% of daily menu.

Following these recommendations and taking into consideration individual features, you will ensure correct ratio of all these sources of energy. Keep the food diary to record amounts of consumed fats, carbs and proteins. If your weight remains unchanged during one week and you feel great, then you’ve found your formula of healthy and balanced nutrition. If you are not satisfied with achieved results, then you should consider changing proportions.

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Principles of Healthy Nutrition

It is not enough to maintain correct ratio of the sources of energy in order to ensure balanced nutrition. You should enrich your menu with vitamins, microelements and minerals which promote correct metabolism. To stay in good health and slim, one should take the following principles into consideration:

  • Right oxygen balance. Oxygen is a product which is required to maintain healthy living. It takes part in metabolic processes which are directed towards building the muscle mass. Sports activity, yoga and just moving around enriches tissues with oxygen.
  • Water intake. Always stay hydrated and consume up to 2 liters of water per day increasing this amount during workouts.
  • Time and frequency of the food consumption. To ensure balanced nutrition, one should know highs and lows of the blood sugar levels. One should consume carbs in the mornings as the insulin level is at its lowest at that time of day. Have some fruits in 3 hours and 40% of your daily menu during lunch as this is a time you are moving around your best. Sports activity is good to have after lunch. Glucose level is at its highest in 2 hours after food. Workouts bring the insulin level down. Have some protein shake or a little bit of lean meat or fish after workout. Have a dinner containing some proteins 2 hours before bedtime. Keep on going every day like that and do not miss your breakfast.
  • Amount of consumed food. You should always keep your portions small as your body simply does not need any more food. People get used to have a large meal when they eat out. This is how excessive weight comes in. 80 grams of meat with some light dressing is just what you need.
  • Diversity. Do not eat the same foods during day. Have some salad, soup, porridge and dessert. Do not go heavy on sweets as simple carbs will always «settle» in your thighs and waist.
  • Alcohol and fizzy drinks should not be consumed very often. They cause only harm as such the drinks contain empty calories. Their consumption results in obesity and excessive insulin production. Heavy snacking brings up even more calories. Alcohol-free drinks and caffeine contain substances, which «wash out» calcium and magnesium from the human body. They also contain excessive amounts of sugar: 400g cola can contains up to 80g of sugar.
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Self-Control is the Key to Success

Nutritionists recommend to keep the food diary to record all the products consumed during one week in there as well as weight and overall well-being. If you’ve noticed that you feel well, then this is a way to go. This means that you’ve found your optimal formula of balanced nutrition which has an ideal percentage ratio of the energy sources. Did you manage to gain some weight? It means that it’s time to change your menu. Doing so, you will select right foods which will always help to you stay fit, healthy and in good mood.

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