The Ways to Increase Testosterone Levels

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The Ways to Increase Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is a male steroid hormone, which is present in men’s and women’s bodies. It is produced by the adrenal cortex, seminal glands and ovaries. It ensures proper physiological and mental attitude of the males and furthers proper formation of the sex organs, sufficient sperm production and correct sexual behavior as well as sufficient growth of the facial and body hairs, rough voice and well-built muscles. Testosterone in women promotes maturing of the follicle in ovaries; it keeps bones strong and helps to shape feminine shapes.

Testosterone level depends of the age-specific changes in the human body, dietary regimen, physical fitness and emotional state of mind. Once person turns 30, the testosterone level naturally decreases in male body. This situation is aggravated by the chronic lack of sleep, excessive weight and bad habits. Sedentary way of life and stresses play their role in this matter, too. Libido and sexual vigor worsen and memory starts to let one down. Person starts to feel tired and irritated and gets easily depressed. Metabolism slows down and muscles turn into fat.

Male hormone production can either be drug-induced or increased in a natural way. If testosterone deficiency is not severe enough to evoke some serious illnesses, then please go all natural. Get rid of negative things in your life, stay healthy and fit, work out in gym or at home and you will ensure long-term and side effects free outcome.


Physical Exercises

  • Intensive workouts combined with intermittent fasting. Stretch your muscles properly during at least 3 minutes. Do not favor rough start as you can end up with some trauma. Do a very proper half a minute set in an intensive and rough pace. Rest for one and a half minute. Do 7 sets in a row. Workout should last for 20 minutes. This approach is good to go with when one wants to do the workout with dumbbells, swim or have some run. Slow-paced workouts will not do a trick when it comes to the hormone increase.
  • Do workouts with weights. Favor basic exercises and big weight, make 7-8 sets and the last one should be done with a great effort. Workout should include 15 minutes stretch and take up to one hour. Effect is ensured due to working on large muscles of chest, legs and back; basic weightlifting exercises with a deadlift included are just the ones you need. Bench pressing should be done whilst laying and standing. Do not lengthen the workout time, it will result in the cortisol synthesis and suppression of the male hormone production.
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Sleep Normalization

Testosterone is actively produced in the deep sleep stage. This is the time men have an erection. Erection lasts for 15 minutes and repeats after one and a half hours. One can say that s/he slept well if feeling refreshed in the morning and waking up easily. One should sleep not less than 6 hours as disturbing external factors negatively impact the male hormone production.

  • To ensure proper sleeping, maintain silence in a bedroom. If there is noisy road next to your house and neighbors like to party all night long, buy high-quality ear plugs and the alarm clock with a load alarm signal.
  • Make your bedroom dark by getting thick curtains. Human body perceives sun rays as a signal to stay up.
  • Air the room, wear comfortable underwear and cover yourself with light blanket. Optimal temperature of the male testicles should be couple degrees less than the body temperature. Cool temperature (18-21 C) increases blood supply when it comes to internal organs. It also stimulates testosterone synthesis.
  • Do not eat, drink or smoke too much before sleep. Otherwise human body will have to help intestines work on consumed stuff instead of dealing with the urinary tract.


  • Supplying the body with zinc in an amount of 11mg per day, you will increase and ensure stable testosterone level. This mineral can be found in seafood, nuts and beans.
  • Vitamin D or sun bathing helps to boost the male hormone level in people with excessive weight.
  • Porridges made from corn, oatmeal, buckwheat, pearled barley are rich in fiber which normalizes blood circulation in the pelvic organs.
  • Fresh greens, veggies and fruits should be consumed.  Cabbage, spices such as curry, chili pepper, dried dill and cardamom help to remove the female hormones from the liver.
  • Animal fats are good to have. Cholesterol participates in the testosterone synthesis.
  • Consume up to 2 liters of water per day.
  • Stay away from sweets and pastry.
  • Consume alcohol in moderation or stop drinking it. Alcohol turn testosterone into estrogen.
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Emotional State

  • «Stress hormone» or cortisol inhibits enzymes which ensure proper production of the male hormone and furthers growth of the belly fat. «Male power» is at its peak during holidays or vacations.
  • Testosterone level can be increased by having regular sexual contacts, sexual arousal during communication with opposite sex or while watching adult films.

Testosterone in Female Body

Testosterone level in females strongly decreases during menopause. Muscles are not neat anymore. Metabolism slows down, women get chest and belly fat. Likelihood of osteoporosis increases.

Active synthesis of this hormone helps to prevent rise of atherosclerosis due to cholesterol processing, libido improves and subcutaneous fat is burned during workouts. Hair and skin start to look healthy. It also has favorable impact upon emotional state helping one to stay fresh and happy making one satisfied with his life. It has also anabolic effect helping to normalize blood sugar levels and boost protein synthesis.

Women should eat well and exercise properly, stay sexually active and get good rest. Such simple things will help to boost testosterone production.

Testosterone is important for male and female bodies. Normal testosterone levels for men over 14 years of age comprise 5,76 — 28,14, and for females over 10 years of age they comprise 0,45 — 3,75, correspondingly. Going natural way to increase the testosterone levels will ensure one’s healthy and long life, great sexual life and positive attitude.

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