Tips for Better Sleep

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Tips for Better Sleep

Our body gets tired during day. To restore health and regain energy, we need proper sleep. It does not only help us to stay fit and in good mood, but also endues us with physical power and beauty, lengthens our youth and improves attention and memory. However, today’s world is full of temptations and stress so good sleep is not available to everyone. Today we will discuss the ways to get better sleep.

Healthy Sleep and Hormones

Healthy Sleep

Healthy Sleep

Hormones rule the human body. These biological substances ensure proper body functioning and sexual life as well promote metabolism, growth and regeneration. They also affect the way we behave with others. There are about one hundred of hormones, and each of them has certain function.

Melatonin – the sleep hormone takes integral part in chain of physiological processes. It is produced in the pineal gland of brain and ensures regulation of the daily rhythms. Person suffers from insomnia if it is not produced in adequate amounts. Insufficient melatonin production can also result in improper body functioning.

Youngsters have a high level of melatonin in blood, therefore they rarely have sleep-related problems. Maximum amount of this substance in blood is reached when one is 25 years of age. However, glands start to produce lesser amount of hormones once we turn 60 years old. As a result, sleep becomes intermittent, short and sensitive. Person doesn’t have a time to rest enough and starts to feel tired once awake.

The Factors Affecting Melatonin Production

Light bothers sleep

Lighting is a main enemy of sleep and it doesn’t matter whether the light is natural or artificial. Once eye retina gets light onto it, melatonin production slows down while it goes up in darkness. This is why people living in northern cities with white nights and polar days during summer are having difficult time to adjust their biorhythms to natural settings.

In large cities, people suffer from so-called «light pollution». Central squares are bright after sunset due to large amounts of the lanterns and colorful promotional signs. And this is all done for the good, but is doing only bad to the people’s health.

Go to Bed Early to Get Better Sleep

One should develop correct day regimen. About 70 % of daily dose of melatonin is produced upon sunset. Maximum concentration of the sleep hormone from 67 up 70pg/ml is reached in the middle of night, that is, between 12 and 5am. The melatonin levels quickly drop to 7-8pg/ml afterwards.

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Therefore, people who love to chat in social networks and watch movies late exploit their bodies hard. This is why they often feel weak and have some headache upon awakening.

Doctors also worry about traffic controllers, guards, truck drivers and nurses who have night shifts. These people are prone to development of the following illnesses:

– Diabetes;

– Obesity;

– High blood pressure;

– Heart diseases;

– Low immunity;

– Dizziness.

Long years of making night shifts increase the likelihood of breast cancer development in women.

The Foods We Eat

We get energy, minerals and organic compounds from the food we eat. Melatonin is not an exception. Pineal gland needs the amino acid tryptophan to produce this hormone. It can be found in the following foods:

– Pumpkin seeds;

– Sesame seeds;

– Nuts (walnuts, almond, hazelnuts and peanuts);

– Milk;

– Curd and cheese;

– Lean meat (turkey, beef and veal);

– Corn;

– Bananas;

– Chicken eggs;

– Oatmeal;

– Carrots;

– Dates;

– Bananas.

The best thing to do is to consume the abovementioned foods in sufficient amounts and stay away from coffee, tea, alcohol and energy drinks. This is because these drinks slow down natural melatonin production and decrease its level. Once you turn 35 years old, you should start taking BAAs containing melatonin. In some countries, they are freely sold in pharmacies. However, we advise you to consult the doctor before taking such the BAAs.

10 Tips for Better Sleep

Sleeping problems are easy to solve at any age. You should follow the next simple rules and the quality of your sleep will surely improve.

  • Keep proper hours. It is not so important whether you have a weekend or are in holiday. Try to go to bed at the same time of day and preferably not later than 11pm. It will relax your excitatory system and you will wake up full of energy.
  • Read books. Reading after sunset helps to relax and forget about problems. However, you should choose books wisely. Do not go heavy on detective stories and horrors as you will see the nightmares.
  • Create comfortable environment. Your room should have good air and be free of the irritating objects such as mechanical clock or loud fan. You will sleep better if your room is nice and has fresh air in it.
  • Switch off the light. Do not leave the lamps on in your bedroom. You should also close curtains and screens so that night lights wouldn’t bother you from outside. Melatonin synthesis happens better in full darkness.
  • Exercise. Physical activity improves metabolism and promotes healthy sleeping. At that, your workouts should end not later than 2 hours before bedtime. Otherwise, it will end up in sleeping problems.
  • Do not have heavy meal before bedtime. Spicy and fatty food takes long time to absorb, and you will feel bloated for very long time.
  • Get rid of bad habits. Do not drink alcohol as it will keep you awake. Do not smoke as it will wake you up in the middle of night as well.
  • Use bed to sleep. You should either sleep or have sex in your bed. Do not eat or watch TV in bed otherwise you will want to eat instead of getting some sleep.
  • Restrict the caffeine consumption. Having one cup of coffee before bedtime, you may stay awake for 4 to 6 hours in a row. And if you are fan of this drink, then have a cup of coffee in the morning to ensure good sleep later on. Caffeine can also be found in cola and chocolate. This is why people with sweet tooth should be aware of this fact.
  • Learn to manage stress. Bad day, fight with relatives, preparations for tomorrow’s event should be left out of bedroom. Do not ponder these things lying in bed as you may get bad sleep.
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It is not so easy to follow some rules, but just try it out and your efforts will surely pay off. You will get good sleep, improve your health and slow aging processes down. You can also boost your immune system up. World will feel brighter and emotions will be stronger once you get good night’s sleep.

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