Useful properties of coconut

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Coconut is the fruit of a coconut palm, a dry skeleton, mistakenly called a nut. Underneath a very hard shell is flesh and water, which thickens as it matures, turning into milk. In fully ripe fruit, the milk becomes hard and drops of butter are released from the pulp. All these internal parts are not only edible, but also very tasty, so they are actively used in the purest form and used in cooking, not always thinking about what useful properties coconut has. But with proper use of this exotic fruit can bring many benefits to human health.

Composition and benefits

Each of these edible coconut parts has its own peculiarities:

  • water – has the lowest caloric value (17 kcal/100 g), quenches thirst well and improves vitality;
  • Milk – contains many useful substances, is a rich source of vitamins and minerals;
  • Pulp – has a high nutritional, food and energy value (354 kcal/100 g), quickly saturates and maintains a sense of fullness for a long time;
  • oil – characterized by the most expressed useful properties, has a number of positive effects on the body, but too caloric (899 kcal/100 g).

The main representative of all these coconut products is pulp. It has a unique chemical composition: vitamins, micro- and macroelements, fiber, fatty acids, vegetable protein, sugars. 100 g of fresh pulp contains 3.3 g of proteins, 15.2 g of carbohydrates and 33.5 g of fats.

Useful properties of coconut are due to the presence of an increased amount of the most important vitamins for humans:

  • C – protects against the negative effects of ecology, supports liver cleansing function, strengthens the immune system, restores the emotional and psychological background;
  • E – improves tissue renewal, is useful for blood vessels, activates blood circulation, reduces sugar levels, normalizes the functionality of muscles;
  • K – helps to digest calcium and vitamin D, promotes blood clotting in areas of ruptured vessels, optimizes metabolism in the connective and bone tissue;
  • Group B – normalize the nervous system, reduce blood pressure, stimulate the absorption of other vitamins, activate metabolic processes and fat metabolism in the liver.
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But especially a lot of minerals in coconut flesh, including:

  • potassium – supports proper muscle function, improves bile outflow and urine excretion;
  • calcium – strengthens the musculoskeletal system, is useful for hematopoiesis;
  • magnesium – is involved in most biochemical processes, helps stabilize the emotional state;
  • sodium stabilizes water and salt metabolism, relieves swelling;
  • phosphorus – maintains correct bone and tooth structure,
  • iron – increases hemoglobin levels, improves breathing at the cellular level;
  • manganese – participates in the formation of bones and connective tissue, regulates the work of hormones, improves digestion;
  • copper is the main participant of hematopoietic processes, controls melatonin levels.

The specified set of micro and macro elements practically corresponds to the daily needs of the human organism. To get the daily dose of minerals it is enough to eat 100 g of fresh coconut pulp per day.

Beneficial effects on the body

To feel the positive impact on health and well-being, you should use coconut every day for at least two weeks. You can use both pulp and oil (its quantity is determined by the caloric value of the daily diet, but not less than 1 tsp. per day).

The beneficial properties of the tropical fetus will ensure the following results:

  • blood pressure is stabilizing;
  • the “bad” cholesterol levels will drop;
  • circulation will increase, varicosity, stroke, heart attack will decrease;
  • will accelerate recovery from poisoning, including alcohol toxins (hangover syndrome);
  • the excess fluid will be eliminated (diuretic effect);
  • metabolism will intensify, and the breakdown of fats from food without storing them will accelerate;
  • immune protection will be strengthened, pathogens, fungi and yeast will be destroyed;
  • energy, physical and mental activity will increase;
  • digestion will be improved, assimilation of useful components from food will be improved;
  • insulin production is optimized, glucose levels are stabilized;
  • will reduce the likelihood of heart failure and vascular disease;
  • will support the thyroid gland, the urinary system;
  • will accelerate the weight loss.

During the period of slimming coconut should be used only against the background of an active lifestyle with sufficient exercise. Butter or milk will be more useful as the pulp contains extra carbohydrates.

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Therapeutic effect

The mentioned useful properties of coconut are widely used in complex treatment of various diseases. It should be used in any available form (milk, pulp, water, butter) to support the body during basic therapy, but be sure to discuss this issue with your doctor.

Coconut oil is best for home use. It helps to get rid of problems like that:

  • viral infections (influenza, herpes, measles);
  • osteoporosis;
  • hypertension;
  • migraine;
  • inflammatory and other skin diseases;
  • kidney, liver, gastrointestinal tract diseases;
  • arthritis, arthroses;
  • diabetes mellitus.

Coconut is used not only in folk but also in official medicine, where its anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties are most demanded. Coconut extracts and oil are mainly used in pharmacological preparations for treatment of dermatological diseases and restoration of potency in men.

Specific useful properties

In addition to general body action, coconut products can provide targeted assistance in solving “male” and “female” problems.

For men.

Regular consumption of coconut pulp will provide men with the following effects:

  • increased potency and libido;
  • normalization of the reproductive system;
  • treatment and prevention of urogenital diseases;
  • rapid muscle mass gain;
  • increased physical endurance.

Coconut butter can be used as a shaving product, and milk can be applied to the skin after the procedure to soften, relieve inflammation and heal wounds.

For women

Coconut affects women in a similar way:

  • restores and supports reproductive functions;
  • increases sexual desire;
  • delays the onset of menopause.

The oil of this fruit is considered a universal care product for skin and hair. It is traditionally used not only in home prescriptions, but also in cosmetic preparations. Such supplements help to smooth wrinkles, moisturize, tone up and rejuvenate the skin, as well as strengthen and restore the hair.

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