Useful properties of porridge

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Porridge is introduced into the diet from the first months of life and is recommended for use at any age. Cereal dishes contain a lot of valuable substances, being the main suppliers of fiber, complex carbohydrates, vegetable protein, vitamins and minerals. The beneficial properties of porridge depend largely on the type of cereal, the degree of industrial processing and the method of preparation.

Action on the body

Porridge is the most affordable food product. They are easy to prepare, they can be perfectly combined with almost all additives and are suitable for use at any time of the day. In terms of composition and effect on the body, these dishes differ, because they are prepared from a variety of cereals and even their combinations. There are basic useful properties that are characteristic of all types of porridge. It stands out among them:

  • Fast saturation and retention of a long sense of satiety due to increased amounts of plant protein, dietary fibres and complex carbohydrates;
  • relatively low caloric value;
  • Providing sufficient energy, which is released not immediately, but gradually, so it is not stored in stocks, but is consumed by the body as needed;
  • normalization of digestive processes, beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract;
  • gentle bowel cleansing of toxins, toxins, deposits;
  • to strengthen the immune system, increase the body’s own strength;
  • rejuvenation, appearance improvement.

The specified useful properties of the cereal porridge are largely determined by the industrial processing of cereals. All-grain products are considered the most valuable because the more grain is polished, the less useful substances remain in it. For this reason, it is not recommended to use instant cereal porridge, from which almost everything valuable for a human being is extracted.

Whole cereals are especially useful for weight loss. They have the lowest caloric value and are digested in the gastrointestinal tract for a longer period of time, prolonging the saturation period. In addition, it is in the shell that the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals is contained, which are especially needed in the period of limited nutrition.

Which porridge is better

The most useful are buckwheat, oat and pearl porridge. These cereals provide long-lasting saturation and supply the most nutrients to the body.


Buckwheat takes the first place quite deservedly, because it is characterized not only by the presence of many valuable elements, but also the absence of harmful components. This plant does not absorb them from the environment, even under improper growing conditions. In addition, buckwheat cannot be genetically modified and cannot contain GMOs.

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Other useful properties of buckwheat include

  • Normalization of blood formula, increase of hemoglobin level, prevention of iron deficiency anemia due to increased iron content;
  • Improved muscle and bone tissue due to high levels of plant protein;
  • vascular strengthening, prevention of thrombosis and varicose veins, which is facilitated by the presence of routine;
  • to maintain the heart muscle that provides magnesium;
  • increased brain activity, nervous system stabilization, digestive activization – work of B vitamins and lecithin.

Buckwheat also contains a lot of antioxidants (tocopherol, retinol, etc.), which provide protection from aging, cell damage and negative factors. And the presence of fiber helps to cleanse the intestines and eliminate all unnecessary things.


The useful properties of oatmeal porridge depend to a large extent on the degree of its processing. The most valuable in terms of composition is a dish of whole grains. Oatmeal flakes are less useful, and instant oatmeal is a direct supplier of empty calories. Therefore, we can only talk about the use of oatmeal if it is made of oat or at least cereal, which should be cooked according to the instructions.

Such porridge is rich in vegetable protein, which is well assimilated and maintains healthy muscle tissue. Also natural oatmeal groats contain other useful elements, including

  • Vitamins (mainly E and group B) – normalize the state of the nervous system, activate digestive and metabolic processes, preserve the beauty and youthfulness of the body;
  • beta-glucan – provides long-term saturation;
  • Fiber – cleans the gastrointestinal tract and prolongs the feeling of satiety;
  • mucous substances – protect the walls of the digestive tract.

The presence of micro- and macroelements in oatmeal supports the normal functioning of all organs and systems, improves health and gives a boost of energy. That’s why it’s a good idea to use this porridge for breakfast.

Pearl’s room.

Pearls are obtained from barley grains, which are characterized by high nutritional value. The following components provide the useful properties of pearl groats:

  • silic acid – keeps the kidneys healthy and clean, removes sand and can gradually destroy larger concrements;
  • lysine – activates the production and preservation of collagen, which forms the basis of many tissues, including the skin;
  • Vitamins A, E, D, B – normalize the work of all organs, strengthen immune protection, have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, cardiovascular and digestive system;
  • iron – increases the amount of hemoglobin, normalizes the blood count in general.
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A wide range of micro- and macroelements contained in pearl porridge helps to increase activity and maintain good health. Perlovka is called “beauty porridge” and is most recommended for women to maintain an attractive appearance. In addition, this porridge is nourishing but low-calorie, making it an ideal component of the menu during weight loss and to maintain a stable weight.

How to make porridge more useful

In addition to the correct choice of cereals, the useful properties of porridge depend on the way it is prepared. First of all, it is necessary to consider the variant without long-term heat treatment. Buckwheat and oatmeal are great for that. They can just be filled with boiling water or kefir and left overnight. By morning, a tasty and healthy porridge will be ready, preserving all the valuable elements of the raw materials.

But not all cereals are suitable for this kind of treatment. Most of the grain should be cooked on water or milk. The choice of liquid also influences the useful properties of the end product:

  • Water-based cooking – allows you to save more valuable elements, as milk can destroy some of them or reduce the degree of absorption, and also provides the lowest possible calorie content with virtually no reduction in nourishment;
  • Milk boiling – increases nutrition and caloric value, which is important for children or people weakened by disease, provides digestibility of fat-soluble vitamins, increases the amount of easily digestible proteins.

Dieticians recommend cooking porridge on water and then adding milk to the ready meal if necessary. To make the porridge more useful, it is not recommended to introduce sugar into it. Dried fruits, fresh berries or honey will be great substitutes.

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