Ways to Boost Metabolism for Weight Loss

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Ways to Boost Metabolism for Weight Loss

Ways to “Boost” Metabolism

Well balanced metabolic activity such as breakdown of the proteins, fats and carbohydrates endows the one with energy, health and positive attitude. Fatty folds, problems with blood vessels, digestion and insulin production always pop up if metabolic activity slows down. This is why it is so important to boost up metabolic processes furthering cellular energy exchange. How long metabolism must be “boosted” and when should it be done? Let’s discuss this issue in more details.

How Does Metabolism Really Work?

Chemical processes start in human body right upon food consumption which represents a source of energy. Doctors call combination of the breakdown processes a metabolism. Complex synthesis implies intermediate reactions. Metabolism includes two stages:

Anabolism is the series of synthesis of simple molecules into complex ones. This is a process that implies accumulation, build-up of the muscles and tissues during of which carbohydrates are transformed in fat and unused fats are stored “for later use”, thus, resulting in weight gain and bad mood.

Catabolism or energy exchange is reverse chemical reaction that implies transformation of complex molecules to simple ones, which are then absorbed by human body. Hormones ensure proper speed of catalytic reactions in human body.

Human body produces energy in presence of well-balanced metabolism storing its necessary amounts for building up the tissues, ligaments and muscles. In such case, one is healthy, slim and has a good posture as pectoral girdle provides fine support for internal organs. Once metabolism starts to slow down, everything changes to the worse side.

Factors Defining Metabolism Intensity

Factors Defining Metabolism Intensity

Experts from the World Health Organization have proven that people with same weight and figure can have up to 25% variations in their metabolic rate. Experts defined the factors which have an impact upon metabolism intensity:

Metabolic processes have slower rate in women compared to men.

Once reached 20 years of age, one starts to have lower metabolic rate, which decreased by 10% every 10 years.

Genetic predisposition to weight gain matters as well. Children of obese parents are often obese, too.

Endocrine profile has great importance. People with hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid gland) have increased metabolic rate, that is, they instantly burn calories. People with hypothyroidism (sluggish thyroid gland) are prone to weigh gain. People with diabetes have similar issue.

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Body weight is crucial. Obese people should spend more energy to further vital processes and that is why they eat more. This is why they struggle to lose weight.

How to Boost Metabolism to Lose Excessive Weight

Nutritionists think that proper eating habits are what really matters. Balanced dietary regimen should include proper amount of the carbs, proteins and fats and consist of versatile foods so that one enjoys eating instead of getting bored of counting calories. For this purpose, always keep the following foods at home:



Lean meat;


Fermented milk products which are low in fat;


Ginger root;

Grain coffee;

Green tea.

Carbs should be consumed with a cup of organic coffee and bowl of porridge with added fruits, proteins should be consumed during lunch or dinner.

It is important not to let your body store nutrients ”for later use”. Eat small and healthy meals 5 – 6 times per day.

Fat burning happens when cells are getting an oxygen. When oxygen’s amount is sufficient, chemical processes gather pace. Sports activities help to provide the human body with oxygen. If you are not the fan of sports activities, then you can always run and walk some in a park. Sportsmen will do well with aerobic exercise, swimming, weight training and isometric gymnastics. However, don’t get involved into one type of sport only, be versatile in your sport’s regimen and you will stay fit and happy.

Remember that strong and rippling muscles burn more calories even during rest than do the fatty ones during sports activities.

Drink a lot of water. You should consumer up to 2 liters of water daily. Start your day from a glass of water. But remember to drink most of your water up to 18 pm. So, you should consume water 1-1,5 h after food intake. Make some sips here and there during sports activities to stay hydrated.

Hydrotherapeutic procedures give a rise to the metabolic processes and cleanse human body from toxic substances. Hot and steamy sauna combined with cold shower will boost up your metabolism.

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Cup of coffee, green tea with lemon and ginger will become a final touch in that process.

Medicinal Herbs and Drugs

To keep metabolism in balanced state, you should rest plenty and keep positive attitude. Short-term stress boosts up metabolic processes. However, long-term stress evokes physiological changes. Increased synthesis of contrisular hormones combined with anxious attitude results in diabetes. In this case, all efforts to boost up metabolism will be wasted.

Try out some of these medicinal herbs, which improve the mood and ensure proper functioning of the internal organs:

Maral root;
Blackcurrant leaves;
Common wormwood;
Schisandra chinensis.

Sportsmen favor synthetic drugs which boost up metabolism and help to build-up the muscles. Muscle pills have some disadvantages; they worsen endocrine profile. It is not recommended to use steroids in absence of sports activities. We recommend to use such drugs only upon consultation with related specialist and coach.

Endocrinologists forbid use of the drugs which boost up functioning of thyroid gland. Yes, it is true that such drugs increase metabolism. Yet, they have many side effects which cause harm to the human body.

Is It Really Necessary to Boost Up Metabolism?

Gerontologists found out that attempts to boost up metabolism are very harmful for human body. They speed up ageing processes, result in wearing and tearing of the tissues and organs, which have limited resources. Keep metabolic processes in balanced state whatever age you have. Remember that with each decade your metabolic rate slows down by 10%.

Remember that prolonged stress, depression, unhealthy way of life and insomnia are very bad for your health. They all slow down your metabolism. So, change your way of life before you turn to medicines and hard dietary regimen. Move more, eat better, be in good mood and you will see what change it will make in terms of your metabolism. Do not boost up metabolism in an artificial way, keep it in balanced state. Then your weight will be healthy and you will look fit and feel happy.

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