Whey Protein in Sports Nutrition

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Whey Protein in Sports Nutrition

Sportsmen and bodybuilders take care of their bodies and feed it properly. Proteins play important role in muscular growth and help to maintain health in a good state. Sports nutritionists and biochemists kept it in mind when incorporating proteins in sports nutrition.

Protein’s Impact upon Sportsmen

Consuming food rich in proteins helps the sportsmen to recover their muscles after stressful training. However, much more proteins might be needed to help with that matter than one can consume with basic food. This is why concentrated protein was invented. It is incorporated in sports nutrition. Proteins contain a series of the amino acids, which further mass growth such as follows:

· Glycine;

· Valine;

· Lysine;

· Arginine;

· Cystine;

· Phenylalalyne;

· Glutamic acid.

Biochemists took the multitude of the properties amino acids put in use into account when assisting in muscle mass growth. They elaborated four protein types, which differ in terms of the absorption rate and organic formula.

Protein Types

1.Whey protein is considered to be «quick» one. It is made from the milk protein by means of the hydrolysis. Bodybuilders should take it in the mornings and before resistance training to gain the muscle mass. Nutritionists think that slim people should consume «quick» protein 3 to 5 times per day to gain weight. It should be also used to lose gain before sports competitions.whey protein

2.Casein. It is a «slow» protein which can take body up to 7 hours to digest. Prolonged protein is made from the whole milk in a natural way and is chemical additives free. Casein ferments favorably affect immune system and help to increase growth of the muscular tissues.

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3.Egg protein. Sports medicine doctors think that this natural product helps to maintain necessary ratio of the amino acids when the human body is experiencing extreme loads.

4.Multiprotein complex is considered to be «slow» one as it combines whey protein, casein, soy and egg proteins. Protein complexes should be chosen in a right way to help an athlete to train and rest well. Correct use of the protein compounds helps to increase the muscle mass, gain and lose weight. Effect is defined by timing and way of the protein intake.

The Best Times to Take Protein

Nutritionists recommend to take complex proteins before bed time in order to lose weight. Such combinations maybe be used as the dinner substitutes.

Combined mixes further intensive muscle growth during the night times following intensive training sessions. Sports coaches recommend to use them couple of hours before training.

Sportsmen usually consume «quick» proteins right after training. Such proteins also have favorable impact upon human body when taken in the morning time. Some sports medicine doctors advise to take whey proteins up to 6 times per day in small portions. It is necessary to take individual reactions to protein and body features of a sportsman into account when defining an amount and timing for the protein intake.

It is still not clear whether the sportsmen should take «quick» or slow proteins only, and so are unclear the ways they interact in between. Biochemists came to conclusion that casein can be combined with whey protein, but the timing in this matter is everything. This is why you should adhere the following guidelines:

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1. Take «quick» protein in the morning. It helps to quickly bring the amino acids to the necessary balanced state.

2. Take protein made using casein before the bed time. It will «slowly» help to increase the muscle mass in a more efficient way than during the day times.

Now you know the ways different protein types affect the human body as well as the best times for taking them. Use this knowledge to choose right type of the proteins to gain the muscle mass quickly and in the most efficient way.

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