Wine: The Source of Youth, Well-Being and Rejuvenation?

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Wine: The Source of Youth, Well-Being and Rejuvenation?

Wine: health benefits and disadvantages of the «Nectar of Gods»

There are many legends about wine, it is the Nectar of Gods. French people are having couple of glasses of wine a day, and, therefore, they rarely die from cardiac infarction. But, is this alcoholic beverage so good for your health? Scientists and doctors are not able to come to single conclusion regarding this matter, however research data suggest that wine can be good for health if consumed in moderation. The most important thing is to choose a high-quality drink and consider contraindications and individual state of health.

Health Benefits of Wine

Good wine is made from organic grapes. If drink is made in a right way, it contains a great amount of useful substances such as:

  • Organic acids;
  • Antioxidants;
  • C and B vitamins;
  • Essential oils;
  • Tanning substances;
  • Microelements.

As for radioactivity, wine is closer to medicinal mineral water. It contains substances, which have a complex effect on the body: they strengthen the immune system, increase overall body tone, speed up metabolism and help to digest fatty foods.

The wine has a lot of medicinal effects, therefore it is used in medicine. A small amount of this drink can serve as a cure for insomnia. It contains melatonin, which is a substance that is called the “sleep hormone”. Doctors prescribe wine to patients with cholera and in such cases when there is a risk of significant blood loss and development of a therapeutic shock. Also, this drink improves appetite, and it has a positive effect on the heart and blood vessels. It has a diuretic effect and may be beneficial in treating nephrolithiasis.

High-quality organic wines are produced in small batches. They should not contain artificial flavors, coloring agents and alcoholic substances. The most dominating French wine is made from crops collected in the Pyrenees and in the middle of Sardinia. There is the most favorable climate for growing grapes, which allows accumulation of a large number of nutrients in the berries.

Treatment and Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases

Jar with Wine

Jar with Wine

Scientists have found special substances in wine, which catch harmful molecules that form in human body during eating. Consumed in moderation, this drink favorably affects functioning of cardiovascular system:

  • It strengthens vessel walls;
  • It lowers the levels of bad cholesterol in blood;
  • It ensures proper functioning of heart and blood vessels.

Some doctors recommend people with atherosclerosis to consume 0,5 l of wine per day, which should be diluted with water in 1:3 ratio. This is not an official treatment approach, therefore one should consult doctor before doing so.

Metabolism Booster

Wine should be consumed by people with impaired metabolism. Different types of wine contain substances which improve metabolism of carbs, nitric and mineral compounds. Usual grape juice does not provide such the effects. These properties are ensured due to use of certain production technology.

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Improved Digestion

Different varieties of wine are used to treat certain intestinal disorders. They have astringent properties and help the body to eliminate toxins. Cold champagne helps to stop long-term vomiting while dry red wine stimulates bowel functioning.


In ancient Greece, people have been disinfecting drinking water complementing it with some white wine. Nowadays, US researchers have conducted studies and confirmed that this drink does have disinfecting properties. Red and white wine along with pure alcohol kill salmonella and coliform bacteria. White wine diluted with water has the most pronounced anti-bacterial effect when mixed with gastric juice.

Every sort of wine is useful in its own way. Semi-sweet champagne is recommended to use during flu, malaria and heart failure. Moldovan wines and Cabernet Abrau-Durso contain a lot of rubidium. This element strengthens the nerves and helps to fight stress. Red wine was considered the most useful one during conduct of research.

Health Benefits of Red Wine

Hippocrates compared the healing qualities of red wine with honey properties and has been using it as a cure for various ailments. Modern scientists have proven that moderate amounts of red wine are very beneficial for human body:

  • It lowers likelihood of heart attacks, strokes and cardiac infarctions by 30-50%;
  • It expands blood vessels and lowers blood pressure;
  • It increases hemoglobine;
  • It prevents cancer;
  • It normalizes bowel functioning;
  • It improves quality of sleep;
  • It strengthens immune system;
  • It cleanses human body from toxic substances;
  • It prevents dental and gum diseases.

Red wine has a certain color due to autosynes. Consumed in small doses, red wine serves as a natural antibiotic that helps to recover from flu, colds and other ailments.

Red wine also contains procyanidins. They have a beneficial effect on arteries protecting them and strengthening vascular walls. More recently, scientists have proven that this drink is good for dental enamel. Lovers of red wine won’t get Streptococcus Mutans and some other bacteria, because the drink is rich in proanthocyanins. So, consuming red wine on a regular basis, you will reduce the risk of caries development.

A daily dose of this drink should not exceed 50-100 ml. Doctors advise to consume this drink during meals. Large consumption of wine can poison whole body like any other alcohol.

Red Wine Helps to Stay Young and Fit

Skin of red grapes contains biologically active substance called resveratrol. This is a very powerful antioxidant that lowers likelihood of cancer development and slows down ageing of tissues as well as has a rejuvenating effect on human body. It stimulates collagen synthesis and helps to maintain skin tone improving the way it looks.

It also helps to slow down synthesis of substances which cause obesity. The latter means that dry red wine burns fat deposits.

Scientists conducted experiment, where over 20 000 women took part. Women, who were regularly consuming red wine, gained less kilos during research. Results are true as all the aspects, which affect weight such as doing sports and nutritional habits were taken into consideration.

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Although a «wine diet» can be effective, it should be noted that it is still an alcoholic beverage. Thus, it should be consumed with care.

Health Benefits of White Wine

White Wine for Youth

White Wine for Youth

White wine is less dense than red one, it also contains less useful substances, but boosts metabolism and accelerates the elimination of toxic substances from human body. The peculiarity of this drink is that all substances are contained therein in ionized form. Therefore, they quickly enter a bloodstream and spread throughout the body. Iron is better absorbed from food if people use it with white wine. It is a scientifically proven fact.

All the organic wines contain tartaric, malic and salicylic acids. White wine also contains caffeic acid. It accelerates recovery of patients with bronchitis, liquefying phlegm and facilitates its expectoration. Another white wine is good to drink during flu epidemics. It is rich in substances that boost immune system.

Disadvantages of Wine

Unscrupulous manufacturers complement wine with flavors, dyes, and flavor enhancers to speed up manufacturing process. One should always carefully read the label do not buy a fake.

Maximum daily dose of wine for women comprises one glass and a half. Alcohol is eliminated faster from the male body. Therefore, men can drink 2-3 glasses per day. Consumed in larger amounts, alcohol will harm body and can make one addicted to it.

Red and white wines cause a range of side effects as follows:

  • Headache and sleepiness. These effects are caused by presence of biologically active substances presence of which is typical for red wine only.
  • Digestive issues such as gas pain, nausea and increased fermentation.
  • Weight gain. This drink has a high energy value: one glass contains around 80kcal.
  • Allergic reactions which can be causes by substances skin of dark grapes contains. Wine can cause skin rashes and even anaphylaxis.

Since red wine is very sweet, it should not be consumed by people with diabetes and impaired metabolism of carbohydrates. It is contraindicated in presence of gout, arthritis and other rheumatic and metabolic diseases. Red wine is a strong alcoholic beverage, therefore its excessive use can lead to hepatitis.

All the wines contain sugar and acid, which gradually erode tooth enamel. Excessive use of these beverages as well as any other alcohol inhibit basic functions of internal organs and have a negative effect on central nervous system and brain causing mental disorders.

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